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Welcome to 101 Writing Tips from an Exhausted Reviewer!

First things first: we lied to you. This is not from an exhausted reviewer, but from two exhausted reviewers: ray_of_sunshine9 and awesomeSTG. We've both been reviewers for the TreasureCommunity for over six months, and, to commemorate our review store hitting 100 reviews, we thought it was about time to tell you about the reviewing process.

Also, a MASSIVE shout-out to the talented g_beckford - thank you so much for the stunning cover!

Now, we've both been reviewing for a long time. And, by a long time, I mean six months.

And while this may not sound like a long time, hear this: in my six months of reviewing, I have reviewed a total of 74 stories. Some of these stories have made my heart rip in two, some of these stories have made me laugh myself to tears, and some of these stories... well, let's just say that, no, it is not okay to make ten hot supernatural men fall in love with your protagonist within the span of two chapters. And, no, not all of them should look like Harry Styles.

So, we present to you our book of advice! This book will mostly be inspired by books we have had to review (if we reference your book, we will always ask you for permission first). The following chapters will include:

1. Common mistakes we see in books, and tips on how to avoid these.

2. Tropes that we have seen too much of, and tropes that we would love to see more of (where are the heart-warming epic fantasies about dancing noodles?).

3. How to make your book become 'popular' on Wattpad (without featuring Harry Styles!)

4. How to and how to not treat your reviewer, as well as how to know if your reviewer is right for you.

5. Subjective vs Objective - what advice should you take with a grain of salt (and what should you take with a grain of pepper)?

But, of course, we want this story to be as interactive as possible. So, please: let us know what you want to see! Would you like us to talk about how to use semicolons? Perhaps you would like us to break down exactly how we complete our reviews? Or maybe you want us to rant about the most annoying clients we have had to review for? Tips on describing setting? Types of authors who request reviews?

Let us know in the comments below! We will take each request into consideration.

This story is meant to be interactive. Feel free to comment your experiences, or even ask questions for clarification. You can make friends with fellow commenters too, of course! Just make sure to stay polite and courteous at all times.

One last thing: do not request for reviews here. This is not a review store. Please check out my review store if you would like a review.

So, writers, get your notebooks ready.

Fellow reviewers, get ready to laugh about how painfully relatable our rants are.

Welcome to 101 Writing Tips from an Exhausted Reviewer.

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