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I felt like doing another vent about Wattpad. Specifically, the fact that Wattpad forces me to watch advertisements... when I'm trying to read my own stories on the app... Like, fam, I produced these words. Let me access them for free. This is like giving birth to a child but then having the doctors take the child away until I download some rip-off Candy Crush app.


But then I realised that 1,500 words about Wattpad advertising is probably... not the most helpful topic!

So here I am, to talk about community accounts!

First of all: what are community accounts? They're essentially accounts across Wattpad that are specifically designed to run awards or review stores or graphic stores, so that people can request from them and get their services. It's very much like a business. There is a CEO or a few administrators (the people who can access the account), and these ones are not into BDSM (usually). There are employees, who actually do the reviews/designs/judging. There are the customers, who do the requests. You even have, like, sponsors or sister communities who support each other through shout-outs.

You can usually find them by searching up, "The [insert word] Community." The word is usually replaced with some sort of dreamy, whimsical sounding word. Treasure Communities (yes, I'm calling myself out), Crystal Communities, Magical Communities, Unicorn Communities, Sparkle Communities, Red-Velvet Communities, Mango Communities, Ice-Cream Communities, I-Realise-I'm-Talking-About-Food-Again-Communities, Tapwater Communities, Waterfall Communities, Artsy Fartsy Communities -- you name it.

Some people don't like them, some people adore them, some people run them, some people are still messaging me to ask if they can join my on-hiatus community (which is really sweet, by the way).

Anyways, so what do I think about them?

I love them.

My own community account, as well as hosting awards and reviews on that account, is what has introduced me to many incredible people. The people who worked with me to supply reviews  and judge the stories were always so supportive, and it's the reason I've met so many incredible and beautiful authors whose work I love and champion with all my being.

However, I also have seen icky sides of communities. For example, the old admin of that community had done it specifically to gain as many followers as possible, and did it spitefully after she had been fired from another community. She didn't do any of the work, and dumped it all onto me, and we were always at conflict. When she left for six months, and so I changed all the payments to ensure no one had to follow her if they didn't want to, she tried to delete the account.

However, I am devious and while I am very happy and friendly, I think I would have been extremely upset if Treasure deleted with no warning. Also, I was needing those notifications. So while she had been absent--

Okay, y'all have to promise not to think badly of me. This is so naughty and no one else should do it. Unless you have to.

But, anyways, I basically found a way to access into the email she had set up for the Treasure Community (same password as the Wattpad log-in, go figure), and I changed the email to my own email. That way, when she tried to delete it, she couldn't.


Anyways, so, I think Community Accounts have great aspects to them. So, let's go through them!


- You will meet some incredible people. I could list them here, but I fear that I'll miss some people out. Through my community account, I had met some beautiful hearts and some gifted authors and adorably sweet potatoes, who I still talk to now.

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