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For the past 3 months Ilaira and Leo have been fight none stop. They don't sit beside each other at dinner anymore, They can't even look at each other anymore. Ilaria have been sleeping in one of her children's room every night.

All because Leo got sent fake images of Ilaria cheating with different guys around the time his daughter was born leading him to belive that Abriana is not his.

Ilaria haven't seen Leonardo since last night fight and its currently 1 in the afternoon.

She didn't think much of it as she puts her daughter down for a nap. Once Abriana was asleep, her mother quiet exited the room and slowly shut
her door behind her.

Once Ilaria turned away from the door. Leo was leaning against the wall, opposite from her with a blank expression.

Even after 3 months of seeing those banks eyes, she's still not use to it. What she's use to seeing in them is love, pride, addition, ect, but not these.

"Do you need something" Ilaria ask nicely, not in the for another argument.

"Yes actually, you and Abriana to leave my mansion" He spoke casually, shocking Ilaria with his words.

"What do you mean leave? Where would we go?" Ilaria frantically ask.
She wasn't worried about herself but for her daughter.

"Anywhere but here. I put some money in this envelope for the both of you. There should be enough for you to live comfortably for at least 6 months"

Ilaria wanted to slap the envelope away from her and yell at him but thought against keeping her daughter in mind. She wasn't about to let her pride get in the way of her daughters future.

Ilaria grabbed the envelope from his hands and was about to start packing but stopped once remember something. "What about the boys?" Her voice couldn't help but voice crack.

"They will be with me, you can see them one last time when you finish packing. Don't tell them about what's happening, I don't want them sad"

Ilaria nod her head and walked to their room. She pack 2 duffle bags for herself then went back to Abriana's room and quietly maneuver around the room little girl room packing her some of her things.

Ilaria texted her bestfriend Esmerelda and explained the situation trying not to cry.

"I'm coming London with you, can you come get us in 20 minutes please?" Ilaria whispered into the phone as silent tears running down hear checks.

Esmerelda is here with her own daughter taking a break from her husband. Ilaria isn't the only one having truble in paradise.

"Oh course I will but I have to worn you where we're going living will be the complete opposite you are use too" Esmerelda warned.

"I know what I'm getting into, I have go see you soon Elda" Ilaria hung up the phone and brought all the bags she packed with the assistant of some guards to the front door.

Ilaria found the children playing a fun game of  freezetag outside together. She watched for a few moments, since this will preobly be her last time.

Ilaria stepped out side and called the kids to her. The younger boys sprinted to their mother while older ones just walked.

8 year old Lanzoni was the first to reach her. "Hi mom, you come to play?" He asked excitedly, pulling her arm.

To say it broke Ilaria's heart was and understament. "Sorry baby but I have to go" Ilaria said just as the rest reached her.

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