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It's been 3 days since I last saw Lucia, but we've been texting each other frequently.

Right now, I'm currently lying down on my bed watching something on YouTube when I got a call from Orielle.I haven't heard from her for 5 days.

"Hi, Ori!" I greeted.

"Hi!!, Guess what!" She gushed eagerly.


"I'm outside!" She yelled in the phone.

I faintly heard the voices of both Fabio and her mom telling her to stop yelling.

"What do you mean outside?" I asked skeptically.

I refuse to believe she's here unless I see her. For all know, she could mean she's outside her favorite shoe store.

"Just hurry, come open the door before I climb through this open window that looks oddly tempting."

"Holly shit you are here!" I said in shock. Their flight wasn't until tomorrow night."Orielle, don't go through the window! Knowing you and your luck, you'll probably get stuck, " I warned.

I quickly got out of bed and ran down the halls but slowed down a little when I got to the stairs.

I guess ever since the accident, I gained this slight fear of stairs. Whenever there's something on it like toys, I remove it instantly.

As soon as I reached the bottom, I was met with the voice of Orielle.

As soon as my eyes locked with hers, I was tempted to pretend like I didn't see her and walk away.

I knew she wouldn't listen to me about not going through the window.

"Um.. I think I'm stuck. " She determines as if it wasn't obvious.

I ignored her and opened the for the boys. I imedently pulled them in a h, g catching them by surprise a second later, and they both wrapped their arms around me.

"It's been almost 2 weeks. You're squeezing us like you have seen in years," Alvize said jokingly.

"It felt longer than years, to be honest," I whispered.

"I'm sorry to ruin the moment, oh wait, I'm not sorry, but can you guys please help me get unstuck?" Orielle grumbled.

We all turned to her.

Alvize sighed as he ran his fingers through his long brown hair."It was your stupid idea to go through the window just because you couldn't wait for Bri,"

"And you were so confident you could fit too," Fabio laughed.

"It's not my fault I have a fat ass and hurry up. I wanna give bri a hug too,"

We stared at her for a few moments later before getting to work.

I grabbed both of Ori's hands while the boys placed their hands on her side, ready to push her towards me.

Alvize counted to 3, and we all started pulling.

"Owww, that hurts!" Ori yelled on the top of her lungs. I'm pretty sure everyone in the house heard that.

We all paused.

"Be quite ori, my brothers don't know you're here," I told her.


"How about we go outside, grab onto her leggs, and try pulling her out?" Fabio suggests.

Alvize objected and told us his plan. "No, she's more inside than out, plus It'll be harder that way. Fabio, you go out and push her inside while me and I stay here and pull"

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