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This morning I woke up early and went for a run in the forest with Els to our spot. We played together for a few hours before heading back for breakfast. It was still early when we got back.

I tired convincing Rita to let me make my own food but just like the first time she was very persistent on doing it herself. I gave up and asked for cereal.

My older cousins and brothers came down and had breakfast too. They were all talking about an upcoming meeting so something like that, I wasn't really to interested In it.

Rita came back with my breakfast and coffee for the others. When I done eating, I was planning on up to my food and giving Els her breakfast but was stopped by Leandro. "Abriana we need to speak to you about something"

I nod my head and waited say what he needs too.

"Today in 1 hour you and some of your brother will be going to the mall and buying you new clothes. You can also buy something for Ella if you want." Vincenzo said.

"I'm sure you must have realized that big empty room in your bedroom. All of us have it in ours. You get to decide on what you want it to be, whither it's another closet, or a library whatever you want. Completely up to you. Just tell one of us what you want and we'll made it happen. We'll try and have our men finished it quickly" Leandro explained before taking another sip if his coffee.

"Ok thank you both for telling. I'm going to get ready. Also goodmorning" I say standing up.

Els wanted to walk so I let her. Quickly made put way up to my room. I gave Els her breakfast and changed my clothes. I'm wearing black jeans and a light pink sweater. I did my hair into a high ponytail.

I checked to make sure if Els was good before leaving the room and into the foyer. Where Nino was standing on on his phone.

"Is it just you coming with me?" I ask descending from the stairs.

He looked up from his phone and smiled softly at me. "No, Sergio and Rocco are coming" I had to hold back an eye rolled when he said Rocco.

Just then Sergio came out from one of the hallways, with car keys in his hand.

"Where's Rocco?" He questioned scanning the area for him.

Nino shrugged."Who knows. He wasn't very happy when Vincenzo said he had to come"

"We could always leave with out him" I suggested. They both genuinely looked like they were thinking about. I think Sergio was about to agree until Rocco came into the foyer with a pice of toast in his mouth. He looked like he'd just woken up.

"Are we leaving or what?" He grumbled walking past up and out the door.

We quietly followed behind him and into the driveway. Sergio unlocked his car. Rocco got in the passenger seat and while me and Nino got in the back and Sergio in the driver stop.

It took us about 25 minutes to reach the mall. The size of this mall could easily be the biggest I've ever seen. It's huge. Lots of people are coming in and out of it.

"Stay close to at all time ok Abriana?" Sergio said seriously as he opened my door for me.


He held his hand out for, offering to help me out the car. I took it not wanting to be rude.

We all walked together inside of the mall. As we're walking I couldn't help but notice everyone moving out the way for us or would literally stop and stare at one of the boys. Sometimes both.

Sergio and Nino just ignored them while Rocco would wink at some girl every now and then. I find myself yet again rolling my eyes at him.

Sergio lead us all into some random designer store for girls. I already know everything is going to be over priced so I looked for clearance section is but there is none.

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