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I was woken up by Els licking my left check."Ew, els stop," I groaned, turned over.

Sadly for me, she didn't and started to lick my other cheek."Ella, I said stop! I'm up now, " I say, sitting up. This time, she listened and lay back down beside me on the bed, probably trying to sleep.


I looked beside me and saw Alvize awake and on his phone scrolling through tiktok quietly.

Both Fabio and Orielle are still asleep on the other side me. I smiled at how cute they looked. Orielle had her head resting on Fabio's chest, and Fabio had his head on hers with one arm protectively about her waist.

I checked the time on my phone to see if it was almost dinner."I'll be right back," I whispered to Alvize as I slowly crawled out of bed.

He lifts an eyebrow at me."Where you going?"

"I'm gonna get permission if you guys can spend the night."

He nodded when he went back to what he was doing. It took me longer than just had anticipated to get out of bed.

Once my feet touched the cokd floor, I walked out of the room and knocked on Davide's door. He opened the moments later still in his suit from earlier with a neutral expression, then turned into a smile when he saw it was me."Yes?"

"Can my friends sleep over?"

"Sure, I'll inform the others we're having guests at dinner," He said, flashing me his perfect straight white teeth.

"Ok, thank you," I told him.

"No problem at all,"

I went back inside my room, and this Fabio and Orielle were awake."Let's go downstairs. Dinner is almost ready," I said to them.

"Were staying?" Fabio yawned, standing up.

"Yeah, text your parents now. Let's go," I say.

They did what I told them and followed me downstairs. Entering the dining room, I noticed Emilio sitting next to Nino talking about something.

Instead of sitting where I normally sit, I sat down on the other end of the table with Gino on my left and my friends on my right since nobody else sits there.

I'm only sitting here for tonight  because I didn't want my friends sitting away from me.

Everyone who was at the table gave them curious looks but didn't ask anything yet. At least, that was until Rocco came in with Valentino on his hip.

"Hi Abrian- He started until I saw my friends."Oh, are those your friends? Hi, I'm Valentino. "He introduced himself with a smile and a wave. He wiggled himself in Roccos' arms until he put down and then went to his regular spot in between Rocco and Carmine.

The others started filling in one by one until eventually were all here.
The maids came in with our food and left. An even amount of us have a slightly different dish. One had mashed potatoes with bake chicken, and the other was steak instead of chicken.

I had chicken and mashed potatoes, but I wanted a stake, and it seems like Ori had the same problem as me.

Simultaneously, we looked at the boys' plates to see they both had steak.

"Switch plates with us," Ori and I demanded, pushing our plates to them. Alvize and Fabio glanced up at us, then our plates.

"I don't want chicken," Fabio told Ori before taking a bite of his stake.

"Well then, it's a good thing I never asked if you did. Switch now!"

Fabio was gonna argue back, but Ori gave him a warning look. He sighed  sighed in defeat, and switched plates with her.

"If you don't switch with me, then I'll tell your, dad, you hit me," I threaten Alvize.

"He knows I wouldn't do that,"

"Dosen't mean he wouldn't punish you as if you did. Remember Alvize he likes me more than you"

Alvize reluctantly slid his plate over to me and took mine, making sure to send me a glare.

I smiled."Thank you!"

I took one bite of the pork, and it was absolutely delicious! Everything about it was great. I decided to give Alvize a bite for him to see what he's missing out on.

I held out my fork with a small piece of pork on it in front of him."Try it," I encouraged him.

He took the fork from my hand and took a bite. Eyes growing in amazement. I couldn't even blink. He quickly took another piece from my plate and into his mouth.

He was going in another, but I stopped him by grabbing him by the wrist.

"quando ho detto provalo intendo il prezzo che stavo offrendo! questo è esattamente il motivo per cui non condivido il mio cibo con te!" I sold, taking the fork him his hand.

Then I realized my mistake. I spoke in Italian. My brothers don't know that I know Italian.

"You speak Italian," Leandro affirmed, wanting me to confirm.

"Yeah?" I say sounding as if I'm unsure.

"Who thought you?" This time, it was Carmine that asked.


The older ones shared a small look with one another. I'm probably trying to figure out what was said around me in Italian. Which surprisingly wasn't much. Other than them talking about a few shipments and them wanting to recruit more men.

Even if I confronted them about all that they could easily played it off by saying how they're getting more supplies or something for one of the many companies they own and how they need more employees, debunking all the suspicions I had about they're jobs, that is if I grew up having a regular childhood.

I'm almost completely sure they own a mafia or a gang. Although they don't seem like a type to be in or run a gang cause we'll they don't really suit the stereo type except for Rocco, and maybe Lanzoni.

Luckily for me, Valentino diverted the attention from me to Ori when he asked her something.

"How long have you known Abriana?"

"Since she was in her mother's womb," Ori answers casually like it's a normal thing to say to a 5 year old.

"Wait, you shared her moms tummy together? So you're like twins?" Valentino asked, very confused.

Ori paused, momentarily looking into the abyss, as if thinking on whether  she wanted to continue the conversation or not.

"No and yes," She finally said.

"I'm so confused," I heard Gino mumbled to himself as if he didn't already know the answer.

"My brain is hurting from all this thinking!" Valentino complained."Are you twins or friends?"

"No and, also yes."

"They are not twins." Fabio butted in.

"Then why did she keep saying yes?"

"Cause she annoying like that," He answered, causing Ori to give him an offended stare if disbelief.

"You hear me, and you know it's true,"

"Dosen't mean it make the pain go away," she said dramatically, turning her head away from him, as if she was truly hurt.

I swar, if this girl doesn't end up being an actor when she's older, I don't even know what I'm gonna do.

Favio rolled his eyes."Just eat your food."

Ori mood did a complete 180."Yes, sir!" She said.

Hello readers.. yeah, sorry for the wait. I'm not even gonna bother and give you a lie on why I haven't uploaded. I've just been straight-up lazy, and I kinda lost interest in wattpad.

I'm thinking of taking Ells the dog out of the book.

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