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It took the three of us 2 hours to unpack  everything from my shopping bags. Arianna wanted to make everything colours coded and got mad every time Alano put one of my crop tops with the t-shirts.

"You have slaved us around enough already, it's your duty as our favorite cousins to feed us!" Alano demanded me when we're done.

"Alright fine follow me" I said to them. Arianna quickly grabs Els from off the bed and took her with us to the dinning hall, where almost everyone was which surprised me a little. There was lunch on the table.

Me and the twins sat down and took our own plates from the pile and started loading food onto them.

"So what have you guys been doing all  this time upstairs?" Emily asks us curiously.

Alano swallowed the food in his mouth before replying. "Well that one made us help with putting away all her clothes" He pointed his finger at me.

"I didn't make you to do anything, you could of stopped anytime you wanted" I rolled my eyes.

"Really? If I knew that then I wouldn't have done anything in the first place"

"Exactly why we didn't tell you" I said taking another bite of my food.

"You barley did anything to begin with so I don't know why your complaining" Arianna added.

"Shut up the both of you!" Alano ordered.

Me and Arianna continued to gang up on Alano not realizing that the others at the table are watching our whole interactions.

"You all seem really close" Carmine commented smiling.

Me and the twins looked at each other and shrugged at the same time. It was kinda hard for us not to be close because of our moms. It was their goal to make us bestfriends.

"I guess you can say that"

Arianna phone vibrated from its spot on the table. She checked it and her eyes almost fallen out of it's sockets because of how they opened.

"Mom texted me saying she's outside"

"How did she know we're here?" Alano asked shocked at new found information.

"She has this tracker thingy on us. Let's go if we make her wait for even a minute then our punishment might be worsen"

"Wha-you know what, at this point I'm not even surprised at the things she does anymore" He said before quickly stuffing the last bit of food in his mouth and standing, joining his at the end of the table.

"Thank you for allowing us to hide out for a bit" Arianna thanked both Leandro and Vincenzo.

"Don't say it like that! You make it sound like we're fugitives!" Alano says lightly nudging his twin.

"You welcome. The two of you came over anytime" Leandro said.

The twins gave me a hug telling me they call me later if their not grounded then rushed out the room.

"By the way Abriana well be going out for dinner tonight so be ready by 7:30. Wear something nice" Vincenzo informed me as he walked out the room with Leandro and the other older ones.

I picked up Els from off the ground and brought her upstairs with me. I lay down on my bed petting Els fur.

My eyes started to get tired so I closed my eyes for a few minutes, soon those minutes turned into hours and before I knew it, I woken up only having 30 minutes to get ready.

I rushed into the shower taking a quick 10 minute shower then hitting out with a towel wrapped around me and into my closet.

I grabbed a platted skirt and matched it with a black long sleeve turtle neck shirt and sockings that matched my skin since there was bruises on my legs. Most of them are either gone or just starting to heal.

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