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Me and Lucia talked, getting to know each other for the past 2 hours as the boys play basketball.

We were in the middle of discussing our favorite hobby to do when the boy came up to us.

"Were leaving now, let's go" Gino said breaking the news to us.

Lucia paid them no mind and waved them off."Ok bye! Me and Abriana are not done meeting each other yet go away"

I nod my head in agreement with her.

"Lu were heading over at their place Jake and Justin are heading home" Matteo told her.

At the information Lucia jumped up pulling me right along with her.

"Let's get going then"

Instead of riding of me riding with the others I rode with her and Matteo.

Soon as we reached the mansion I showed her to my room.

Els climbed off the bed and ran up to me. I picked her up and held her in my arms.

"That's your dog right? May I pet her? It's a girl right?" Lucia asked stepping inside my room.

"Yes you can pet her and yes its a girl and her name is Ella but I like to call her Els" I answered her questions.

Lucia came closer to us and slowly put her hand on Els back, gently rubbing circles on her.

"Hi I'm Lucia" She introduced herself then looked back at me."Now that I know you have such a cute dog you'll be seeing me more whither you like it or not. Oh and if she suddenly goes missing don't go looking in my room" She warned.

"Got it"

Went to sit on my bed as Lucia looked around a bit.

"Its hard to belive this was the same room.." I heard her mutter to herself as came to join me on  the bed.

"What do you mean?" I curiously ask her.

"Well before you came this room was a typical little girl room fit for a toddler. The walls were a cute shade and purple and pink with many different doll house and dolls neatly stacked against the wall and there were pictures of you before you left and some with your family on the dresses" She explained as she joined me on the bed.

"Oh.." I didn't really know what to say after that.

Lucia quickly apologized to me for no reason."Shit! Sorry if I made you feel any kind of way after telling you all this"

"No, I promise you didn't I just wasn't sure on what to say after what you said me" I say giving her a reassuring smile.

Lucia sighed."Good. The last thing I wanted to do was make you uncomfortable or something"

"Well you didn't and even if you didn't  I still wouldn't tell you"

"That is not very reassuring even in the slightest!"

2 hours later

Me and Lucia stayed locked up in my room just fooling around. Somehow in the mids we ended up in my closet trying on clothes and pretended that were runway models and the it turned into us doing a little karaoke which caused us to be a little out of breath so currently we're silently laying on the fuzzy carpet in my closet.

We've been like this for the past 10 minutes.

"Hey Lucia?"


"Thank you hanging out with me, I have laughed that much ever since I came here" I say out if know where.

In some ways she reminds me about both Orielle and Arianna. I think that's way it was easier for our conversations to just flow without us really having to try to keep it going.

Normally I'm not that great at making friends but with her it wasn't that hard.

Lucia stood up and brushed herself of imaginary dirt then smiled down at me."Don't thank me that's what friends are suppose to do silly" She said holding her hand out for me to take.

I placed my hand in hers."Thank you"

She let out a loud groan and yanked me up."I swear if you thank me again I'm gonna ignore you for like 5 minutes"

I couldn't help but laugh."Ok,ok" I said inbetween giggles.

Lucia checked her phone."Let's head downstairs I think dinner is ready. Me and my brother are joining you guys today"


We made our way into the dinning hall where everyone else is at already.
This is also my first time seeing Lanzoni since the accident.

Few days back Gianni updated me on how Lanzoni is now grounded until further notice and have to do a bunch of chores on his own without any of the workers help and is only allowed to leave the house for 2 hours only if he finished his chores which takes him pretty much all day.

I feel bad, only a little.

Lucia and I both sat together at the table and her brother sat across from be beside Nino.

The kitchen staff came out and served us our dinner. Like always I thank the one who out down my dish in front of me and so did Lucia.

"So what were you two doing upstairs in the room of your Abriana? There was lots of laughter coming from inside" Sergio asked staring a conversation with me.

Before I could answer Lucia beat me to it."We were talking about cute boys we want to hook up with in the future" She spoke causally making it hard not to believe her.

All the younger boys either chocked their food or on air. Rocco snapped his head in our direction for the first time since we entered the dinning hall. Davide, Sergio, Vincenzo, Carmine and Leandro simply stared at me raising a single brow as if wanting to hear my side.

Lanzoni shook his head at me calling me a slut from under his breath. I'm guessing nobody heard him but me since none of them reacted to him.

"She's joking, we were having fun dressing up and stuff"




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Sorry for just ending this chapter like this I just wanted to be done with it since I already started the next chapter.

Anyways I published a new book again..

Anyways I published a new book again

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