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Shortly after taking a seat Rita and the kitchen staff came out and started loading food onto the table. Once they left everyone started piling food on their plate.

I saw that Valentino was struggling to get food onto his so I helped him. He told me what he wanted and I put on his plate. When I was doing that I started to put some on my plate. For today's dinner we're having stake and and baked potatoes with grey and lattice on the side.

I took a small handful of everything. I could feel Rocco staring at me but choose to ignore it.

"You barley have any food on your plate. Take some more meat" He ordered.

I looked at my food then him and repeat. "No, I'm fine thank you" I said nicely.

"I wasn't asking you, I'm telling you. Eat.Some.More" He said obviously starting to get annoyed. Well guess what, some am I.

I gave him a very forced smile."And I said not thank you" I say rolling my eyes.

"Abriana. Can put a little more food on your plate. Rocco don't talk to her that way, we're family" Vincenzo butted in, defusing the argument that was most definitely gonna happen and let me tell I most surely wasn't about to lose.

I was about to put more potatoes on my plate but before I could even do anything Rocco put a big pice of stake in front of me. Now If it was a small pice then I might of let it go.

"I can't eat all of this"

"So? Eat what you can and leave what you can't eat. The kitchen staff will throw it out when they come to collect all the plates"

"You can and you will. Stop being a brat and eat"

Both Gino and Rocco said at the sametime. Now I'm pissed. I just met Rocco about earlier this morning. Who dose he think he is to come and order me around like this? And Gino is starting to give me spoiled rich boy vibes.

"First of all what gave you the right to order start ordering me around? If I say something is too much for me then it's too much for me. I know my body and I know it's limits, not you or anyone else" I narrowed my eyes at Rocco then turned to Gino. "What you just said sounded really spoiled don't you think?" I asked.

During the middle of me talking everyone at the table stopped eating to watched.

I swiftly put the big pice of stake that Rocco so kindly put on my plate back where the others are, and took some more of the potatoes that I originally wanted. And started eating.

Davide was the first to start eating again. I didn't miss the proud look on his face. Soon everyone else followed after.

Conversation started back up like nothing happened. During the rest of dinner Rocco was stabbing and cutting his stake a little to hard. I guess he didn't take me calling him out to well. Every now and then I would cut a small pice of steak for Els and hand feed her.

When all of us were done eating the kitchen staff came back and took everything into the kitchen with them. I thanked the person who took my plate for me.

I pushed back my seat and stood up with Els still comfortably in my arms.
I could tell Valentino was going ask to come with me but before he could his elder brother stopped him reminding him its his bath time causing him to let a loud groan.

After spending the day with Tino was nice but it's even better to finally have some alone time.

I exited the room and head straight up to my room. Els is in a need of a bath herself. When I got to my room I went into the bathroom to get her bath ready. Once the bath was ready I put her the water. I didn't have soap for her so I used mine.

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