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Orielle and the others have returned from from school and were all now currently siting in my livingroom as I told them the rest of what happened.

"Jeez Ori, can you say that louder? I don't think rhe other half of the world heard you" Fabio said sarcastically he rubbed his ears.

I honestlt feel sorry for him. Orielle was resting her head on his shoulder when she yelled that. Mine are ringing and I'm only 4 feet away from her.

Orielle ignored him and continued. "What are we gonna do without you?" She whispers. One look at her and you can see she's trying her best not to cry.

"I'll call and text 3 times day" I offered softly.

"That's not the same.." She mumbled.

We all sat in silence for a good few minutes before Orielle sprung up. Eyes bright with hope, that could be enough to share for the world.

"I'm moving to New York!" She announces with huge smile on her face.

Alvize rolled his eyes. "Your not sneaking on the plane with her" He deadplated.

Orielle face dimmed in the slightest amount and glared at him.

"That was plan B, plan A is convincing my mom to move to New York" She said.

Honestly there's a more higher chance of plan B succeeding than her other one.

The room when quiet again. I'm pretty sure we all are thinking the samething.



10 minutes later

"So let us get this straight. Abriana is moving to New York and all of you want to stay together so your asking us to pack up all out things and move there so you for can still see each other everyday?" Rico said trying to process everything that we said before inhaling his cigarette that breathed out the smoke.

"Pretty much" Fabio said nodding his head at his father.

We all gathered up their parents in my livingroom to discuss this very important matter.

Orielle's mom, Esmerelda or what I like to call her Aunt Elda. Looked as though she was thinking for a few seconds then shrugged. "Sure, Ori make sure you have your things packed for sometimes next week"

"Yes! Thank you mom!" Orielle said running up to her mom and engulfing her into a hug.

"Your really gonna give in just like that Esme?" Daniele, Alvize dad asks cocking an eyebrow up at her.

"Why not? It's not like any of us can't afford to go. Plus I don't know about you but I'm bored of this place and especially their men" She said muttering the last part to herself.

"I mean if your going then I guess i'll go and since I'm going Daniele is too" Rico said.

"And why are you dragging me into this?" Daniele asked rolling his eyes at his bestfriend.

"Simple. Because. I. can." Rico says blowing a puff of smoke in Danielle's.

"Jesus, Rico no need to be childish. I guess I'll come too. But where will we be staying?"

"My Mom lives near the really rich part of NYC and have more than enough spare for me and Orielle. You guys can come too if you want" Esme said.

"Nahh, it's fine. Me and Daniele bought a penthouse back in the good old day somewhere near there"

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