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When I got back into my room and changed into something, I could sleep in. Els was already sleeping on my bed, so I crawled beside her.

I grabbed my phone from the nightstand, and she I had lots of missed messages from almost everyone on the street. Damm, ok, safe to assume I'm the favorite.

I called back Elda first because I know I'm not gonna call back everyone tonight, and she'll at least spread the new that I'm alive. She answers her phone on the second ring.

"Hi Elda,"

"Hi Abri, how is everything so far?" She asks softly.

"Good so far, I went on a run in the woods with Els, then had dinner with all of my brothers. It wasn't as weird as I thought it was in my head." I rambled.

"That's great to hear. If anyone gives you any trouble, then let me know. I Esmerelda Rose De Luca is afraid of no men!" She declared seriously.

"Period. Where's Ori?" I ask. Whenever Ori isn't with me, she's either with her mom or with Fabio.

"She was sad about you leaving all day, so Fabio took her to sneak into Lazer tag with some of the younger and older kids," She says.

"Is Alvize with them too?"


"Ok, I'm gonna call someone else now bye,"


I decided to call my cousin Arianna and maybe tell her that I had moved here.

"Hey, identical cousinnn," She sang into the phone.

The reason why she said 'identical cousin' is because we're identical.
Our moms are identical twins, so they had this dumb plan of theirs to marry a guy that had similar featured with each other so their kids could look identical. Anyways, mom married my father before Aunt Iliya did and started having kids. But once Aunt Iliya was married and her husband was ready for kids, she called up my mom. Anyways, Ariana and her twin brother Alano are 20 hours older than me, and we all just so happened to look nothing like our dad's and everything like our mom's. Their stupid plan worked.

You can believe the shock on people's faces when we tell them we're cousin and not triplets.

"Hi Ari," I greeted but with less enthusiasm. "Did you know I moved to New York?"

"What? I'm not even gonna ask how because it'd all probably irrelevant. We should meet up soon!" She said, getting even more excited by the second.

"We should, I don't know when, though, but definitely soon,"

Me and Arianna talked over the phone for 3 hours straight. The only reason we stopped was because our phones were about to die.

I plug my phone in and set it on the nightstand stand. I wasn't tired, so I got up and took my bag with me into the closet. I started unpacking the few things I have, and just like I thought from when first seeing the size of my closet, my clothes couldn't even fit one section.

I went back to back to lay down, and soon after, I was asleep.



Me and Els woke up around 4:30. I gave her some food while I checked in black leggings and a grey over sized t-shirt. When I finished brushing my teeth, me and Els quietly walked downstairs into the dinningroom and out the patio door. We went for another run into the forest.

This time, instead of 2 hours, it took us an hour and a half to reach the open field. Els and I played fetch for a while with the tennis ball I accidentally left here yesterday.

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