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Since all the words in this menu is Italian and all the dishes are Italian I'm guessing this is an Italian restaurant.

"Do you need help reading it?" Nino asked.

I forgot they still I don't know I speak Italian.They spoke it around me before a few time. I head the older ones talk about shipments and stuff like that the few times we pass each other in the hall. I'm guessing their in the illegal business, something high ranking since they have so much security and such a big mansion. If I really wanted to know what there are then I could of found out a long time ago, luckily for them I don't care.

"No it's ok, I'm just looking at the pictures for what I want" I said brushing him off.

He nod and started talking to Gino. Everyone at the table are having conversations with the one their beside. Luck was not on my side since Valentino asked me a question.

"Are you dating anyone? And if you don't did you date anyone?" All the boys seemed to stop talking just to hear for what I gave to say.

"I don't have a boyfriend right now but I did have some in the past" I said truthfully.

The only reason why I even had boyfriends was because of Emilio's reaction. He would always get so jealous when I would hang out with them instead of him but when he left I may have dated some not so good guys.

"Your to fucking young to date" Rocco spat looking like he's about to murder someone. All the boys did except for the older ones.

"It dosen't matter if I was too young or not I still did it multiple times actually and how many time have you done something your to young or old for?"

"Did you ever kiss them?" Valentino spoke up again scrunched up his face at the word 'kiss'.

"Only like two of them I thin- wait 3" That's when the table erupted.

"What are they're names?"

"Full names and socials!"

"Your to fucking young to date! Or kiss!"

"Enough all of you" Vincenzo demanded."Let me remind you all were in public"

The boys reluctantly shut up and and broke off into the conversations they were having before.

Our waiter came back to our table shortly and took everyone's orders. I made Nino tell him what I wanted be I hated placing my order in public.

The waiter came back with are food and placed them in front of us. I ordered ravioli with bread sticks on the side and some orange crush Valentino wanted the same thing as me which kinda annoying but whatever.

Everything was nice everyone was talking, even I joined in a few times all of us were pretty much done, we were about to leave until Valentino declared he needed the washroom and practically begged me to take him. Sadly me being the nice person I am, I took him to the bathroom.

I was currently waiting outside the men's bathroom for him when I saw a familiar older woman struggling to walk.

I can't belive I didn't automatically realize who it was. I walked up to her from behind.

"Want some help Gandmother?"

I watched as she turned around and adjusted her fake glasses she insists on wearing in public.

Her eyes sparked and glossed over a bit when she saw it was me.

Lady's and gentlemen meet Rosaleen aka Emilio's grandmother. Growing up She was like a grandma to me and my friends.

"That would be lovely, I'm going to the restroom"

I held onto her arm and guided to the washroom and helped her inside the stall.

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