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Davide went through McDonald's drive though instead of eating inside since I didn't because of had bad I looked.

By the time we reached the mansion we were already done our food. I walked behind Davide as we stepped inside.

Everything was quiet. It's rarely quiet, there's always someone yelling, complain, blasting music or Valentino crying beacuse he can't have no more cookies in the background and people walking around.

Davide must of notice my confusion. "The boys are at football practice, Leandro and the others are doing work on the third floor, Valentino is at a birthday party and Rocco is..I don't really know where he in actually" He cleared up."I'll be in my room if you need me ok?"

I gave him a hum and climbed up the steps to my room. I was imedently greeted by Els jumping up and down.

"Hey Els. I missed you!" I said scooping her up in my arms and giving her a hug, breathing in her sent.

We eventually made it to the bed and I put her back down then got in beside her.

Els moved towards my stomach and pulled up my shirt a bit by rubbing her head upwards. I helped her out and pulled it up more to reveal all the bandages I have.

Els looked at my stomach then me, tilling her head as if asking what happened.

"Lanzoni pushed my down the stairs, I'm fine"

When I said the word 'pushed' she imedently started growling. I rubbed my hand up and down inbetween her ears to get her to calm down."Its fine I'm ok. It was accident"

I think.

Me and Els continued to lay down as I now repositioned my hand to back until I just realized something. I hadn't fed Els since yesterday morning and it's almost 2.

I got up from the bed and filled up Els food and water bowl, making sure to put a little extra food."Els come eat" I called her from the bed.

She quickly jump down from the bed and sprinted to her food gulping it down.

I was going to lay back down in the bed but then I also wanted to watch a movie.

I remember that there's a theater room somewhere on this floor in the third hallway I think.

I walked to the door and stopped to turn and look at Els who is still eating.
"Come find me where your done and close the door too" I told her before walking the room and down 2 doors before stopping at Davide's door and knocking on it.

I heard him coming towards the door then opening in. He was still in his suit not that I was expecting something different.

"Did you want something?" He asked scanning over my body for anything wrong.

I shook my head no."I um..I'm going to watch a movie and was wondering if you wanna join?" I said fidgeting with my necklaces, suddenly becoming nervous.

He's probably busy doing whatever he's doing.

"Sure. Let me change and I'll meet your in the theater room"

I'm shock that he actually agreed."Ok"

He closed back his door and I turned to go find the theater room with Els following after me. While Davide and I were talking Els came out of my room, closed the door behind her and made her way to me just like I told her and sat down beside me.

Once I reached the hallway I think the theater was in I had to peak in every room till I find it. I peaked my head inside every room in this hallway and still no theater.

Turns out it was was in the 3 hallway, 4 doors down and not the second one where I was looking in.

Turns out it was was in the 3 hallway, 4 doors down and not the second one where I was looking in

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I located the remote on one if the couches and turned on the TV. I was scrolling Netflix when Davide came strolling inside wearing a plain dark grey t-shirt and black sweat pants.

"Wow you actually put on something other than a suit" I teased.

Davide playfully rolled his eyes as he came to sit beside me."Of course I did. I don't wanna wear some ridiculously uncomfortable suit while watching a movie. So what we watching"

"I don't know..have you watch Harry Potter before?" I asked seeing all the movies pop up.

"No, though I hear people talking about how good the movies are" He said.

"Its a but overrated in my opinion but still good"

"Then let's watch it" He said take the remote out of my hands and pressing play.

I pick up Els from beside me and place her on my lap. Davide got up and went to a door that I haven't noticed was there and stepped inside a room.

I paused the movie and waited for him to return. When he did come back he had a big folded blanket in one hand and bag of snacks in the other.

He sat back down beside me and covered us with the blanket then put the bag of snacks in the middle. Neither of us said anything. I started back the movie and leaned back into the couch.




It's been 2 hours almost 3 and the others came home except for Valentino. Me and Davide came to a none verbal agreement to watch all of the Harry Potter movies.

Gino, Giannino and Nino joined us although Gino left after 15 minutes quietly complaining how boring this is.

I don't know where Lanzoni is though not that I really care.

"Can we have a 30 minute commercial break? I need to pee" Nino whisperer from beside me.

I ignored him and pretended like I didn't hear him.

"Why don't you just go and come back then?" Davide said above me, not taking his eyes away from the screen as he continued to running his fingers through my now knotted free hair.

Somehow during the middle of the first movie I ended up laying my head on his lap with him brushing out my knotted hair with his fingers.

"No I won't to see what happens to dobby and I want to watch it with your guys"

"But why do we have to wait 30 minutes?" I questioned with a sigh pausing the movie.

"Because we have no more snacks and I need to piss" Nino Whined standing up and rushing out of the room.



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