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I helped Valentino into the chair beside mine. He kept on talking about things we're gonna do together. Everyone at the table kept on giving my sympathetic glances when I wouldn't stop talking.

"Tino, shut your mouth for 5 minutes. Our ears need to rest from all the talking you have been doing since you learned your first word," Rocco groaned.

"That's mean, Coco." Valentino huffed but then finally stopped talking but started again, exactly 5 minutes later.

Rita came back with my food and placed the bowl in front of me. She smiled at me as I thanked her.

I fed Els all the cantaloupe and kiwi. I absolutely hate them, but I don't want it to waste it either.

Rita came back once everyone finished their food. I thanked her again when she took my bowl for me.
I pushed my chair back to stand up with Els in my arms.

"Where you going?" Valentino asks curiously.

"My room. I'm gonna take a shower, " I replied. I was about to walk away when I saw tears forming in his eyes.

"I thought we.. could maybe play together, " He said nervously.

Why does he have to look so cute?

"Sure, let me go shower first, I'll be back," I told him.

I made my way out of the dining room without anybody stopping me. I got into my room and put Els on the bed, and went straight into the bathroom.

15 minutes later

I changed into a plain white shirt and another black leggings. Els was fast asleep in the same position I left her.

I went back downstairs and into the dining room to Valentino.

"So what do you want us to do?" I ask coming from behind him.

Valentino spun around to face me with a big smile on his face, showing off his dimples.

"Everything brothers and sisters do!" He giggled. I couldn't help but smile at his cuteness.

"More passific bud,"

He thought about it for a minute before his face lit up. "Let's play upstairs in my room," He said, taking hold of my hand and dragging me out of the room.

Valentino led me upstairs. Instead of turning left, where the hallway to my bedroom is he to a right. We passed a few doors before he stopped and opened the one.

"This is my room," He declared, pushing the door more open for me.

His room is about the same size as mine, decorated in different soft shades of blue. His room is different than what I imagined it to be. He has a big hot airballoon bed surrounded by white cotton, which I think is supposed to be clouds.

"Come," He said, pulling me with him.

He led me to the short hallway in his room like mine. He opened one the last door, revealing a huge playroom that kids could only dream of.

Let's play hide n seek in the ball pit, your it! Count to 15" He said in between his laughter as he ran away.

I sighed, closing my eyes, and started counting.

"15! Ready, you're not here I come, " I yelled.

I walked around trying to see if I could hear or see him. After 2 minutes, I gave up and climbed up one of the stairs. I went through the red tunnel. When I got to the end, I heard footsteps quietly walking from one side to the other. I silently made my way to another set of stairs and climbed to the top. I saw Valentino crouched down looking everywhere but behind him on the see-through bridge. I snuck behind him and tapped his shoulder.

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