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Chapter 2
Jimmy's POV:
In the morning I loved the feeling of Scott's presence near me, I felt him kiss me on the forehead and I purred happily, he hugged me and smiled softly, I opened my eyes slowly and blinked a couple off times, "Awake?" Scott asked me, "Yeah..." I purred, I yawned and then kissed him on the cheek, I felt my whiskers twitch in happiness as he rubbed my cheek softly, I giggled and then sat up, he then laid on top off me and looked at me with love in his blood-red coloured eyes...
"You're adorable, Jimmy~" he whispered to me, I purred and licked his hair softly, since humans couldn't purr, he only giggled at the feeling of my tongue licking him.

"Happy?" I whispered to him, he nodded and closed his eyes, I giggled since he was on top of me and I should have got him off me, but I didn't, I liked his comfort more than I should've, I started licking his hair again until I heard the doorbell ring/rang, I got up and kissed Scott's head, he smiled and kept on resting for a while, I opened the door too see 'Sausage, and... his NEW origin??
"Hi 'Sausage, what happened?" I asked him, "Oh, yeah, about that, I kind of fell and ummm..." he looked lost for a second and shocked his head violently, "Anyway, I've come to ask you if you would like to join the afterlife guardians!!" he smiled to me, I felt my ears prick up and my tail relax a bit more, "I would love to! Although, by any chance is it okay if I have a... boyfriend?" he looked a bit sad at what I said and looked away, "What's wrong 'Sausage? Did I say something that might've upset you?" I asked him, I don't know why but he looked more angry and hurt than normally, "No... It's just that, I-I like you Jimmy!" he said the last part quickly and kissed me on the forehead and quickly looked away, I felt stunned, to shocked to move, until I heard Scott's voice come out from the doorway, "What." he gave me a stern look and I shook my head, "IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!! ME AND 'SAUSAGE ARE JUST FRIENDS! I PROMISE!" I felt so bad for shrieking that out loud and felt 'Sausage's arms wrap around me, "What are YOU doing here?" he looked angry at Scott now, I pushed his hands of me and stumbled back, Scott looked mad but didn't threaten him, he spoke calmly to him instead, "Me and Jimmy are together, you know? As in a relationship~" he looked at me and kissed me on the cheek, I giggled and kissed him back, "Oh, sorry about that 'Jim and... Scott..." I don't know why but it seemed as if Mythical Sausage didn't like Scott to much, "It's alright," Scott smiled at him, 'Sausage looked surprised at what Scott said, I was confused but I didn't want to be annoying.

"Bye 'Sausage!" I waved goodbye to him and he waved back to me and Scott, when I closed the door I turned to look at Scott, he smiled cutely at me and kissed me on the lips, I kissed him back and let go, "Babe?" I asked Scott, he looked a little bit confused but replied anyway, "Yes whiskers?" He smiled at me, "Why was 'Sausage mad at you when he saw you?" I asked him, what? I'm just curious! "Oh umm, well, when I was turned into a vampire I met Sausage and well... it wasn't the great of starts 'cause I was the one that, 'got rid' of his first life..." he bit his bottom lip and backed away, I grabbed his arm, he looked very worried, I looked at him with a 'neutral' look, "Don't worry Scott! It will be fine!" I smiled at him, he hugged me tightly and I hugged him back.
"I love you, Jimmy..." he giggled to me, "Me to, Scott!" I giggled to him as well.

Thank you so much for reading this chapter!! <3
Also, there might be NSFW/SMUT in future chapters so yeahhhh...

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