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Chapter 3
Scott's POV:
I planned a date for me and Jimmy today but I don't know how to say it!!!
'Hey Jimmy do you want to go on a date with me-' no, that's to simple, almost everyone says that, 'Hey whiskers wanna go out with me-' no, to sexual... WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SO DIFFICULT-
"Hey Scott!" I heard Jimmy say as he ran in through the door, he hugged me tightly and purred quietly, I kissed him on the forehead and whiskers giggled cutely, "Hey Jim!" he let go off the hug and I smiled to him, he opened his mouth to say something but I had to quickly cut in.

"J-Jimmy..." I stuttered, this has to be the most 'romantic' thing I have ever said to anyone...
"Yes Scott? What's up?" he looked a little bit confused and I saw his whiskers twitch a little bit, "W-Will you like to g-go on a date, with me?" I asked him, his eyes widened in shock but then followed with love, "Aww, Scott! I would love to go on a date with you!" He giggled cutely, "Alright, meet me at my place?" I asked him, "Sure thing babe~" he purred at the last part, I kissed him on the cheek and left, well, I must get the place ready!

~After Scott Got The Place Ready~

I'm so tired right now I could die-
Anyway, I can't sleep now! I have a date to get ready for!
As I sighed and walked outside, it was already sunset, perfect, no more sun burning the shit out of me.
"Hey Scott!" I heard Jimmy walk up to me, he was wearing a poppy on his head and then just his regular clothes, "Hey 'Jim,ready for our date?" I smirked at him, he giggled slightly with embarrassment and nodded, I led him to the place I just finished and he gasped and covered his mouth, "This. Is. So. BEAUTIFUL SCOTT!!!" He squealed at the last part and his eyes where filled with excitement.

The place was filled with plants, grass, a picnic blanket and a lake near it, "How long did this take you to do?" He asked me, "Ehhh... few hours probably," I sighed, he smiled and licked me on the cheek, I blushed slightly and he winked at me and sat down, I sat down to, we kept on making jokes, making the other laugh, ate some of the food, and...
Maybe had drink or two~...

"This was lovely Scott! Thank you for having me over!" he giggled, "No problem, and wait, can I ask you something?~" I asked him, it was just a simple flirt~
"Yeah sure! Anything my love~" he playfully smirked at me, "Why are you so cute 'Jim~" I kissed him on the cheek and he blushed and then a smirk took over, "Why are YOU so handsome Scott?~" he smiled at me, I didn't know he was THIS flirty.
We both laughed and then I locked my eyes with his, he gasped quietly and looked away, "Aww~ Does little Jimmy not want a kiss~?" I teased him, he looked at me playfully and pounced at me, we started laughing as he laid on top of me, he rolled off and then smiled.

Then before I knew it he lent in for a kiss, I kissed him back and we slowly let go, "I love you, Jimmy~" I smiled at him, he giggled and smiled back, with love shining in his pretty eyes, "I love you even more, Scott..." he trailed off and kissed me one more time on the lips, I kissed him back again, he laughed quietly and then rested on top of me, he was purring loudly as I rubbed my fingers  behind his ears, he was asleep, I carried him into my house and placed him on the bed, "Goodnight my love~" I whispered to him, I walked away but he grabbed my arm, I was surprised he was awake and he purred, "C-Can you sleep with me please? I get kind of, cold..." he squeaked, I nodded and got in bed with him, he purred as I cuddled him softly, it was pretty late so me and Jimmy slept peacefully, like nothing could ever disturb us...

Thank you for reading this chapter guys!!
I'm very grateful that you guys decided to read this book and the 1st one I've made!!
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