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Chapter 8
Jimmy's POV:
This night was the worst off all nights I've had in my life, I kept on worrying about the kits, what happens if one of them dies? What happens if I die during birth? What happens if BOTH of the kits die!? At this point of all the worrying and stress, I started whimpering and tearing up, Scott walked in the room and he looked so shocked. He ran to me and hugged me tightly, "Jimmy! Are you okay!?" He had tears running down his face, "I-I'm okay..." I whispered to him, I forced a smile, he looked at me with sorrow, until I started choking with sadness. I let all my tears out of my eyes, I hugged him back and cried so much.
"Shhh, calm down Jimmy..." he soothed, I sniffled and looked at him, his beautiful blood-red eye colour shining in the moonlight, "Tell me everything, why are you crying? Why are you sad?" He asked me, he kissed me on the forehead and I kissed him on the cheek.

There was a short moment of silence until I managed to make out some words, "I-I'm scared, Scott!!!" I wailed in sadness, he looked at me in a shocked expression, "Why? 'Jim?" I saw him look at me with a concerned expression, it was mixed a shocked and sad look...
"I-I'M SCARED FOR FUCKING LIFE SCOTT!!! I DON'T WANT OUR KITS TO DIE, I DON'T WANT TO DIE!! I'M SCARED SCOTT, I'M JUST SO SCARED BECAUSE I JUST REALLY, REALLY DON'T WANT THE KITS TO DIE DURING BIRTH SCOTT!!!!!" I yelled at him, with sadness and worry, he looked at me, he looked taken aback and sighed, "Jimmy, you won't die, our kits won't die, not on my watch, I love you so much, Jimmy..." he trailed off and sobbed, he hugged me and a I hugged him, tightly, back.
"Promise?" I asked him, he looked at me with love shining strongly in his eyes, "Promise" he looked at me and smiled at me happily, "I love you, Scott..." I whispered to him, "Me to, Jimmy..."

Scott's POV:
I felt Jimmy's soft breath start to ease and I patted his head, I saw one tear drop slowly fall down his face and he was then sleeping, his cute face nuzzled in my belly, I lifted him up carefully and tucked him in, I got in bed with him and I kissed the top of his head, I sat up and a Jimmy laid on top of me. He was faced up and he moved to the side, I wrapped my arms around his belly and felt the kits wriggle, I felt happy tears fall down my face, I slept in a few minutes late and smiled at him...

~In The Morning~

I loved Jimmy so much, I woke up and heard him quietly snoring, my oh my is this kitty so cute~~ If I could fuck him again I would-
I shook off the thought and stood up carefully, trying my best to wake up poor, pregnant, innocent Jimmy.

He groaned and slowly opened his adorable hazel-brown eyes, "Good morning honey <3" I giggled to him softly, he giggled to me back and rose up slowly, "Good morning to you too, Scott <3" he smiled to me, "I'm going to make something for you Jimmy, stay in bed for a little longer, plus, you are pregnant, so I think if you rest you can adjust to it better!" He smiled at me softly and nodded, he curled up in a little ball and napped peacefully while I made breakfast.

I made fish for breakfast for him and me, I made sure it would be perfectly fine for our children, I made it and brought it to him, he arose from his sleep and yawned, he stretched in an... 'awkward' position and smiled at me.
It took him a while to process what I did for him until he started drooling and his ears pricked up and smiled hungrily, "IS THAT FOR ME!?" He asked in happiness, "Yes, this is for you!" I giggled, he ate it quickly and hugged me, "Thank you! Thank you, Thank you!" He squeaked happily, I let him rest a little bit more and smiled and him, I patted his head and he purred.
I love you Jimmy <3

( really short 'POV')Jimmy's POV:
I giggled and purred as I felt Scott pat my head.
I love him so much <3

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