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Chapter 4
Scott's POV:
Knowing that me (aka Scott) and Jimmy's relationship is official, I'm overjoyed!!
I hugged Jimmy tightly, we where at my place, sitting on the couch.
"Alright Scott, I need to go know, I'll come back 'tho, don't worry!" He smiled cutely, he stood up from e couch and walked out of the door, "Okay, see you when you get back!" I said after giving him a kiss on the cheek, he kissed me back, I waved goodbye to him and he waved 'goodbye' to me back, and then he flew off with his elytra.
Oh boy how much I love this kitty~

After 'Jim was gone, I walked to my wheat field and started harvesting some of my wheat until...
"Hey Scott~" I heard a voice whisper, I turned around quickly to see 'Sausage standing near me, his new 'origin', he was a robot person, I think? Idk-
Although, he was all dressed in back, his eyes looked... weird...
Then, he walked up to me, "Hi... Are you okay-" I felt him hug me tightly and look up at me, he rubbed my cheek and I pushed him off, he fell on the ground and looked at me with 'THAT' smirk on his stupid face.
"What the fuck was that for?" I half yelled half whispered, he got up and then smiled, "Leave Jimmy for me~ Will you~ So then we can be together, and love each other 'till the day we BOTH die~" he rubbed my arm and I pushed him back, "NO! I LOVE JIMMY, NOT YOU! I ONLY SEE YOU AS A FRIEND 'SAUSAGE!!" I yelled at him.

I saw Jimmy fly back to my area and so did 'Sausage, "Scott! Oh, hi 'Sausage what are you-" I heard Jimmy begin but 'Sausage grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips, I pushed him away and looked at Jimmy with horror in my eyes, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" I gagged and then pushed him to the ground, I slapped him on the face and he whimpered in pain, Jimmy looked so sad, he had tears rollin down his face and he sniffed, "Scott... I can't believe you would cheat on me..." he had his ears pressed back against his head, "NO! Jimmy, I would never! I love you!" I felt my own tears roll down my face, he looked at me and hung his head, he turned around and flew back to his house, "WAIT NO! JIMMY COME BACK!" I cried, I turned to 'Sausage and he looked confused, "YOU!" I hissed at him, I force-chocked him and he cried, "S-SCOTT! P-PLEASE S-STOP!!" I heard him stutter, I let go and he gasped for air, "W-Why?" He asked me.

"WHY?! YOU KISSED ME! AND BECAUSE OF YOU, JIMMY THINKS I'VE BEEN CHEATING, YOU ASSHOLE!" I felt hatred but in my eyes, "W-What? Scott, that wasn't me..." he whispered, "What d-do you mean?" I was so confused, it was obviously-
"Someone forced me to drink a potion, I don't know why but I obeyed, I don't know who the heck it was but..." he trailed off and looked at me with sorrow in his eye, "I-I'm sorry..." he whispered I shook my head telling him, 'it's okay', "I need to go explain that to Jimmy, get some rest, 'Sausage..." I got some rockets and then flew to Jimmy's place...
I hope he can forgive me...

Don't worry, next chapter Jimmy will forgive Scott!!
Anyway, bye!!

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