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Chapter 11
Philza's POV:

As I felt the cold knife blade slowly cut open my neck, I shut my eyes tightly and let my body go limp.
Was I dead?
Already? Now?
"Let him go, Sapnap, he's a innocent young little 'fella that has done nothing wrong! Please . . . Let him go, for me?" I opened my eyes to see someone else standing next to this guy, a shorter one, wearing a blue t-shirt and some 'goggles' on, I squirmed underneath this so-called guy, 'Sapnap's' grip, informing the other one that I'm not comfortable.

"See? Your hurting him!" He exclaimed, 'Sapnap' scoffed and let me go, I fell to the floor and coughed out more blood, so, I guess it wasn't over, huh? . . .

"Hello little guy! My name is Georgenotfound, but you can call me George for short! And this is Sapnap, I don't know what has gotten into him but he isn't that bad!" 'George' giggled, I smiled softly and stood up with the support of the wall in the hallway.

"H-Hi there! My n-name is Philza! Nice to meet you both. . ." I trailed off and looked at Sapnap and let out a soft hiss, "Well, one of you two. . ." George giggled and sighed, he scooped me up and took me out of the mansion to a smaller, but 10x better house.

He opened the door and I saw another guys with a green hoodie and a mask that covered his entire face, it had a smiley face on it which was pretty funny!
"Philza, this is Dream!" I heard George's soft voice say, I waved my paw to him and he waved back, "Is he okay? He has blood on his neck!" I heard the taller man say, I realised that the blood still hasn't cleared up, but that was alright, for now. . .

"Are you alright little guy?" Dream asked me, I nodded weakly and yowled in pain, it felt really painful!
A little while later, I saw them fall asleep, George was sleeping close to Dream and kissed him on the cheek, Sapnap scoffed and turned away.
That made me believe that probably Sapnap had a 'thing' for George, but he was already together with this, 'Dream' guy.
I curled up is a tight ball and shut my eyes tightly, I was in the corner of the room, at least it was pretty comfortable for me, as I drifted off to sleep, words appeared in my vision saying the following:

Well, it seems you have had your first nightmare. . .
Do you want to go back to the real world or stay here? It is a really, really, big choice to make. . .

I trembled in fear, was I in a game?
No, of course not! I have my parents, I'm with my brother! I can't be living in a game, surely?
I winced at the question, but shook off a nasty thought: "Did this question appear because 'Sapnap' killed me at the last minute I slept?"
Even though he was a jerk, I don't think he would do that! Not to a child, r-right?
"I-I want to go back to the real world! Not my dream!" I shouted, hoping it was loud enough for the screen to change, I felt a shock of pain shoot through me and collapsed to the ground. . . . .

I gasped for air as I sat up quickly, w-what was that? A simulation playing in my head? In my dream? Well, to be honest it was more of a nightmare than a dream but. . .
Who where those people? Are they real? Are they just, made-up people I met in my random nightmare? Will this happen to me in the future?

There where so many questions I had, but few answers that could help me, I looked up at the window on the couch and saw the moon still up, what calmed me though was to see my parents and (believe it or not) brother!. . .
Even though I disliked him doesn't mean I would never ever miss him, he's my brother, I'm meant to be taking care of him, since I'm the older one, that's how it works, right?

Now, since that is now over, I can relax right?
Go on with my normal life, like, how I'm meant to?
I shuddered at the thought that I would've had a better life in the dream than in the real world; even though in the real world I may find someone I love, someone I care about, a girl that I will love forever.
I shook off all the negative things and thoughts that could have happened, I nuzzled my face deep into my my 'birth dads' fur, I sighed with relief as I felt Grian clamber on top of me and purr, I felt. . . protected, like nothing could ever hurt me!
I dozed off and had a faint smile creep on my face.


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Thank you for reading this, in the end, Philza is safe after all!
But, the real question is (for future me), is this really a n1ghtm4r3??

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