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Chapter 7
Scott's POV:
Jimmy has been acting strange lately, after we had sex that is, he always trembles in his sleep, eat a lot, and just flinches for no reason, he isn't pregnant because he hasn't gotten any 'bigger' the past few months and doesn't get a sick feeling, maybe this is just a normal thing for cats? Is it? I don't know...
I don't even know if he actually is pregnant or not, I'd be happy if he was but I would not rush him, if he doesn't fell comfortable with being pregnant, I won't, or will try not to get him pregnant.

It was night time now and he was sleeping on my chest, I patted his head and he giggled, as he slept, I kept a close eye on him, to se any weird behaviour he might be expressing, the only thing that really happened was his whiskers twitching and that's pretty much it, I just needed to make sure he wasn't actually pregnant so I hugged him and wrapped my arms around his belly, he can get pregnant but it just didn't happen, not yet that is.
I didn't feel any movement going on in his belly so I let go slightly, I felt so tired I wanted to sleep, my body was really me I needed to sleep, but I really wanted to stay awake and watch Jimmy for any weird actions, but I was sleeping in a few minutes...

~In The Morning~

Ughh... what time is it?...
4am!? Really? Did I have to wake up this early? I tried to sit up from the bed until I felt Jimmy's weight press against my body, he purred quietly and opened one eye, "I can see you handsome~" he giggled, he let me go and let me sit up, I sat up and yawned, I felt the sun's rays burn my eyes, I closed my eyes and hissed, Jimmy looked at me with a stunned look, I raised one eyebrow and said "What? Is everything okay?" Jimmy chuckled nervously and looked away, I saw his face was red, he was most likely blushing, I saw his tail fluff out slightly and he squealed, "YEP- I mean, yep! Everything is all right..." he trailed off and looked at the sun, "W-Wow, hehe, nice view aye?" I cold tell there was something wrong, I sat closer him and grabbed his chin, his fur fluffed out slightly but then began to lie flat again, "Jimmy, be honest, are you okay?" He looked sad and looked away, I could see guilt flash in his eyes until he looked at me and smiled, "Y-Yes, although... I-I may or may not be, well, you know..." I-I thought cats didn't get pregnant unless they spend a whole night with-

Oh wait, I did spend a night with him and we did have a sexual interference, "Y-You think?" I asked him, I felt a smile grow on my face and he smiled at me back and nodded, "Maybe, I'm not to sure yet, the only reason I think I am is because I felt something kick, it sounded like more than 1 kit, maybe 2..." he blushed and had happy tears roll down his face, I couldn't help but smile even more to that, I couldn't ever imagine being a father to 2 children, well, for Jimmy/cats it would be kits or kittens, Jimmy himself personally prefers to say 'kits' rather than 'kittens' but whatever. Same thing, right?

After a while of learning I will be a father, Jimmy slept more and purred whenever I got near him, I hugged him and he hugged me back, "I wonder what gender they'll be, what do you think, Scott?" He asked me, "I'll be happy with either gender, even when they're older and want us to call them by specific pronouns, I'd be more than happy to call them by want they want to be called." I smiled at Jimmy and he smiled at me back, "Me too, Scott" I'm so happy I took Jimmy as my boyfriend, we clarify each other as husbands, but we haven't got rings yet, but if he wants people to call us husbands, I'll call our relationship already married.
"I love you, Scott..." he sleepily said, "Me to Jimmy..." I smiled at him, he smiled back and kissed me on the cheek, I kissed him back and smiled.

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