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(No, it's not the end of the story, not yet.)

Chapter 10
Philza's POV:
As I opened my eyes for the first time, all I saw was just brightness, I groaned and hid my face in my 'birth dad's' belly fur.
"Aww, Scott look! He's nuzzling his face in my belly!" I heard a voice giggle, I pricked my ears up and also looked up to see 2 faces looking at me, I didn't know how to feel the, I felt my ears press against my head and hid in the warmth of my dad's fur, "No need to be scared 'lil bud! We're you parents!" I hear 'Scott' say.

Parents? Huh... and then I realised what they mean, since I couldn't talk, all I could do was 'mewl' and hiss.
And gosh was that annoying, I couldn't communicate properly!

"D-Dad?" I heard myself whisper, they both gasped and then smiled, "His first word already? Why do children grow up so fast?" I heard 'Jimmy' groan playfully, "Before I know it, they won't even need my-" he paused and looked and my other dad.
He was ginning a playful grin and Jimmy 'pawed' him, "Oh, shut up Scott!" He giggled.

"How dare you! I didn't say nothing!" I heard Scott exclaim, they kissed each other, on the lips.
Gross, I thought to myself, like I will ever be doing that.
I felt a unusually heavy thing lay on top of me and I turned my head to see what it was.
Oh no, It's my younger brother Grian who was laying on top off me, come on! Why?
I've done this before, I'll just do it again! I thought, I pushed him off and he started whimpering, before my parents knew, I had to act quick, I hauled him close to me and licked his fur, he calmed down and nuzzled his face into my shoulder, I scrunched my face in disgust, he's my brother for all time's sake!

"Aww, How cute!" I heard both of my parents say, at the same time, I let out a soft hiss and kept on licking Grian until he fell asleep again.
However, I would say he would be the 'favourite' child, not only because he is younger than me, but also because he is...... well...... 'unique', in a way.
You see, he has this 'condition' were he loses fur on his tail and ears once in a while, of course, it regrows but it does take some time.

Whatever, other than those reasons we are practically the same!
I felt my dad's breathing slow down and he was sleeping, 'Scott' (he's still my dad you prick-) picked Jimmy up and laid him on the couch, he picked us both and laid us next to him, he petted Jimmy's head and sighed, he kissed Jimmy on the forehead and said: "Goodnight love!" Everyone was sleeping; except me!

Time to 'cause some chaos, I thought, I slowly crept and leaped on the floor before literally face-planting on it, geez, why am I so bad at jumping/leaping!?
Anyway, I got myself up and saw a bird fly past the window in the house, I wandered around for a bit, getting used to my surroundings so then later, I won't get lost-
I felt something brush against my fur, I felt all my fur fluff out and I hissed in rage only to find out my fur just brushed on a table leg, god am a I stupid!
I shook off the thought and kept on wondering around until I got bored, I went on top off the couch and laid next to Grian, I scoffed feeling rather too hot and sighed, I curled up in a tight ball and drifted off to sleep...

I woke up in a mansion like area, in the middle of a hall way with some lanterns hanging from old pillars, I saw cobwebs hanging from it and some spiders crawl along the wall.
"Grian? You here bud?" I heard myself say, "D-Dad's? Where are you?" I started to feel scared, my fear is being alone and just seeing nobody here to comfort me felt... strange...
"H-Hello?" I felt my pelt spike up and my tail start to lash, I crept more along the dark hall way until finding a opening, with some tables and chairs, I hissed and kept on running along the hall way, I felt as if something was following me... something-
That was when I felt something grab me by the tail and fling me towards the wall, I gasped in shock and pain as my back hit the wall, "W3l1, h311o th3r3... PHILZA" my name was louder than expected, their voice was distorted!

I shrunk away only to find out that I couldn't  escape, no matter what I did.
"H-HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME! S-STAY BACK!" I hissed in rage, I felt blood slowly drip from my mouth.
I felt them grab me and and grin menacingly, they where wearing a white shirt, a black-leather jacket and their eyes where covered with deep black glasses.
They had I knife in their hand and held it up to my neck, this was it, I couldn't even live my life to the fullest until I get killed a horrible death, "Just end it..." I whisper, feeling the knife slowly deepen in my neck fur.

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I wonder what happens next?...

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