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Chapter 5
Jimmy's POV:
I cried all the way home, I can't believe Smajor/Scott would ever fucking cheat on me!
I felt my tears fall on my face more fiercely, I trembled as I landed on the ground, I quickly ran inside my house and cried so hardly, I missed Scott's presence, "Jimmy..." I heard a familiar voice, oh, it's good 'ol cheating Scott...
"WHAT DO YOU FUCKING WANT CHEATER!?!?" I hissed at him, I felt more tears fall down my face and my tail fur fluff out, he had some tears fall down his face, "Jimmy... that wasn't the TRUE 'Sausage, he drank a weird potion, I believe it was a love potion that made him like that... please..." he started crying so much that he fell on the ground, he fell on his knees and looked at me with love in his eyes, "Jimmy, I love you more than anything in the world..." he came closer to me and kissed me on the lips, I loved the feeling of his lips against mine, I probably said that before but, fuck it.

We slowly let go and he scratched the back of my ears, I purred softly and he hugged me, I hugged him back and he bit my neck, I know he was probably hungry, vampires can only drink/eat blood, I was a little bit shocked because it was a very sudden movement... "A-Are you hungry- Ah~" I moaned the last part loudly as he grabbed my thighs, he nodded and bit a little bit harder, I pushed him off and saw some blood leaking from his mouth.

"S-Sorry..." he whispered, I shook my head, "It's alright, umm, I'm so, so, SO, sorry Scott..." I felt some tears slowly fall down my face, "It's okay Jimmy... I love you." He kissed me on then cheek, and then hugged me, "I-I love you too, Scott..." I kissed him back on the cheek, I saw 'Sausage standing in the door way, he rubbed his arm and looked very guilty, I looked at Scott and he nodded, I walked up to 'Sausage and hugged him, he hugged me back, "I-I don't know what happened-" I shook my head slowly and smiled at him, "Don't worry, Scott told me..." I felt Scot pick me up and kissed me on the back off my head, "Mine!" Scott hissed at him, 'Sausage laughed and then let go of me, "Okay, okay Scott, you can keep him, I'm sorry..." he whispered the last part, "It's okay!" Me/Jimmy and Scott said at the same time, "You can stay here for a little while!" Scot suggested, "Yeah!" I nodded, 'Sausage smiled, "Okay!" he chuckled.

~Few Hours Later~

Me and Scott waved to goodbye to Mythical Sausage as he left, Scott smiled at me and hugged me, I rested my head on his shoulder and he laid his head on top of my head.
"You're so adorable Jimmy~" I heard him whisper to me, he kissed me on the side of my head and hugged me tightly, I hugged him back and felt my ears prick up happily, I felt his hand rub my ass, I trembled slightly and he gripped my thighs strongly, "Scottttt~" I giggled, he let go and kissed me on the head.
After that, we ate dinner quickly and got to bed, Scott took off his shirt and I felt my face turn as red as a tomato, "Is it okay if I sleep like this? It gets really hot..." I heard him mutter, I nodded really quickly, so quickly that I think he might be suspecting something, he smiled and got in bed with me, he lifted my shirt a little bit and I felt him rest his chin on my shoulder, I moaned quietly and he giggled, then he slept quickly, he still had his chin on my shoulder, I sighed and then giggled, I turned my head slightly to lick his hair, "Goodnight honey~" I giggled to him, I fell asleep too and with Scott hugging me tightly, no my face buried in his chest.
I hope he can forgive me, because I forgive him <3...

Thank you for reading this chapter!
I told you Jimmy and Scott would forgive each other!! <3

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