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Chapter 14
Jimmy's POV:

Today was the day... I thought to myself, it's,been a long, happy, life I've could have ever imagined.
Just being with Scott and raising 2 kids, that've grown so beautifully and strongly made me even happier, if I could re-live this life, I would.

Thinking about it made me wonder... what might be my next life? A mythical creature? A fairy? A bird?
Who knows? All I know is that, if me and Scott see each other again, we'll always stay together, no matter what.

As I sighed and headed off into the barn where I had Philza and Grian, I sat down on the hay and let my fingers run through it making a rustling sound, Scott came in the barn and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, I giggled and kissed him back.

I wrapped my tail around his waist and he wrapped his arm around my waist, if I could love anyone, the person I would choose forever would me Scott Smajor, my beloved husband. . .

Our children where playing in the backyard so that means me and Scott could have some peace after all, a nice quite sunset, I rested my head in his shoulder and closed my eyes.

I had fallen asleep. . .

~A Dream?~

I woke up and felt a small body press against me, something so warm and fuzzy, I turned around to see Scott in his 1st origin, the mothling.

"Good morning honey!" I heard him say, I yawned and kissed him on the cheek, he turned red and I giggled, "Good morning to you too Scott~" He smiled at me playfully and rested his head on my shoulder.

I flinched a little as I felt him touch my Crystal-like horns and lick my ears, "It's my turn to make you flustered 'Jim~" he giggled cutely, I smiled cheekily and pushed him back on the bed.

He smiled and hugged me tightly, "I love you Jimmy. . ." I heard him whisper.

"Me too, Scott. More than anything else. . ."

I felt my eyes flutter and slightly close, I felt Scott's wings twitch and I smiled, feeling the warmth off Scott's tiny body against me made me so happy.

"What do you think our next life will be?" He asked me, hope shining in his eyes, "I'm not sure? What do you think?~" I smirked at him, he scoffed playfully and nudged me.

"I mean it! But thing is for sure," he cut off and looked at me, the hope draining away and a stern-love look was replaced, "We will always be together, r-right?" I saw some tears forming in his eyes and he wiped them away.

"Of course! I love you more than anyone else! I promise. . ." I felt my own tears bubbling in my eyes, I hugged him tightly and he hugged me back, we both sobbed together but we always knew, we would love each other forever. . .

I would never change my mind and choose somebody else, he was mine and only mine, I would love him forever and ever, until the world ends. . .

always. . .

When I woke up, I looked around to see the kids huddled next to me and Scott sleeping, resting his head on mine, I giggled and loved the warmth of my kits and my husband.

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