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Eran's POV
"Yeah,where were we?" I say as I slouch next to Marky on the couch. Ricky said as he buried his face in his hands, "As I said, I don't know what to do with her". I sighed and Hunter said, "I honestly don't know what to say about this, Rick"

Marky continued, "I mean, this is nothing new at this point". Right now, I was entirely focused elsewhere. I questioned myself whether I had treated Rose unfairly. She didn't try to call me or text me again. "She may come of as a little strange, but guys, trust me when I say this, I know she loves me more than anyone" stated Ricky.

Hilarious. Sometimes I'm surprised by how blind a person may become after falling in love. Oh well, who am I to talk about this? Even I was in a relationship with a someone who had been cheating on me for an entire year without me noticing.

"Then, what exactly do you want us to tell you?" I questioned, noticing that he was a little taken aback. "Listen, we are your friends and we would want your betterment but in this case,what do you genuinely want us to say? Things are literally crystal clear over here" "She is not cheating on me, buddy," replied Ricky cutting me off.

I slapped my forehead as Hunter chuckled. "Are you seriously finding humour in this crisis of mine,Hunter?" asked Ricky. Yup,totally saw that coming. "No, Iam sorry if I sounded insensitive but bro, if she's not cheating on you, then why are you so worked up?" asked Hunter. "He's in denial" added Marky. "Iam not in denial,maybe theres something else which is making her do these things? Am I not being able to keep her happy?" asked Ricky.

As they continued to argue, my thoughts returned to Rose once more.

Was I too rude with her..

We had only been dating for a day, and already we are at odds. Though it was only a minor disagreement, it still feels awful. I literally vented out all of my frustration at her caused by Ricky. She wanted to talk to me about some crucial matters, but I just pushed her away.

Rose's POV
Since I was all ready and dressed, I've been contacting Eran for a while to hangout so that we could talk about my condition and my parents' impending homecoming. Veronica is right. He has a right to know every single thing there is to know about me.

But the fact that he isn't picking my calls up, is incredibly aggravating. My menstrual cramps hurt my gut, and I'm currently in a crazy-as-hell mood. I just hope that he is fine.

I sighed as my heart suddenly began to beat rapidly. I started to feel queasy as I could actually feel it punching at my ribcage. "What's wrong?" Veronica enquired. "Nothing, it is just anxiety" I replied.

"Take deep breaths" she replied as I nodded. "Yeah I just need to talk to Eran ,I'll be fine" I replied as I patiently waited for him to pick up. "Stop calling him,Rose! He might be busy or something?" "No, you don't understand! Im feeling weird and I need him to pick my call up" I replied,anxiously.

My knees began to tremble, and I had no idea why I have this strange feeling that something bad is about to happen. My skin was being blanketed by chills, and I was beginning to sweat profusely as well.

"Hello." responded Eran finally picking my calls up. Hearing his voice made me feel at peace and a soothing sensation made its way down my spine. However, wrath started to creep up my skin right away. I questioned, "Why aren't you returning my calls?"

He sighed heavily and continued, "When you saw that I wasn't picking up, clearly I was busy." Immediately, rage crept up my spine, and I had the strong want to smash my phone against the wall.

I made a concerted effort to suppress my fury and focus on the reason why I was calling repeatedly.

Its fine, maybe he is having a bad day..

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