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Rose's POV
I walked into my class,the normal usual student screams and chaos welcoming me in. I went towards Mr. Williams and grabbed my notebooks and wandered off to my seat next to Daisy. She looked gorgeous,in that black attire with a smokey eye thingy,and a nice hair do.

"Is there any date with your boyfriend today?" I asked grabbing my pencil box from my handbag and shooting a quick view to the task appointed on the blackboard. She sighed and looked towards me as I noticed the pool of tears in her large brown eyes,which literally broke my heart into pieces.

This scene is not really a common sight to watch,tears in her eyes are like on occasion which appears once in a blue moon so I was kinda worried. The last time she cried was when her mom had hit her because she caught her smoking a cigar,and also when she had a major fight with her best friend,Jessica.

It took me for weeks to handle and change her mood,I wonder what happened today. "Hey,what's wrong what happened?" I asked as I watched Richard staring at me,which I shook off thinking Daisy was the important thing to be noticed now. She sniffled and showed me a screenshot of a conversation with her boyfriend and her.

I took a glance towards it watching how badly he reacted seeing her dress up,in her normal things. Like she is modern and she always wears these tight jeans and T-shirts,and that's completely okay since it's her life and she has the right to wear whatever she wishes to. "He was supposed to come here today,and that's why I had dressed up in this way,but I guess.." she said,looking towards her copy.

I quickly pulled her in a hug and switched off her mobile her. "Honey please don't lower your standards for such a guy who doesn't respect and love you,the way you are. It's okay,it's fine. You don't have to meet with him" I said,as she removed a tear which was caressing down her rosy cheeks.

"I'm sorry Rose,but I have to leave for home today. Not willing to stay anymore" said Daisy as I quickly nodded and she packed her copies in and rushed out of the classroom. I didn't go after her since I knew she needed some time to figure things out herself,and I believe in her,she's a very confident girl. She would get over with this soon.

Eran's POV
After visiting weird and different locations all around the city and roaming around,and finishing our meals in different restaurants,me and friends finally stopped our respective cars by the side of the main highway and stepped down from our vehicles to take a minute and appreciate the breathtaking view of the cliff down,and the soft breeze.

It was a beautiful day,us reviving old memories,collecting new ones and cherishing each and every funny moments together. If I ever leave this country I would be missing these so much,because my friends are literally my life,my entire universe revolves around them. I'm so incomplete without them,and so lonely and isolated without having them in my life.

No one,absolutely no one and nothing could ever replace their space and position in my life. No girl,not even a single person,or Rose herself,can change the way I am emotionally attached to my friends. I can cancel any plans,any important dates,any supreme meetings,or any exhilarating adventures and absolutely anything for my friends.

"Surely after,when he will fall down over that rock,once again breaking his legs! I mean he never learns a lesson!" shouted Ricky as I laughed along with my group. "Guys after our final trip over that place about which we talked about over the phone,could you drop me near Williams Centre,that's where Rose is studying. I wanna surprise her" I said to my friends as they all exchanged looks of surprise.

"Mr. Eran talking about a girl,with us,now this is some serious business!" said Hunter as the others joined in laughing and turning me into a laughing stock. I brushed my arm on the back of my neck,low key blushing as the vision of her gleaming eyes as she smiles walked in my head.

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