Different Character of Rose?

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Eran's POV
A whole one day had gone by,and I still didn't text or try to call Rose,and guess what? Neither did she. I don't understand the reason behind her getting this much pissed at me for such a small issue. We talk regularly on the phone but I never imagined that she could stay a whole day apart from me without talking.

Should I text her?

No I shouldn't,because it wasn't my fault at all. I only can say that me not informing her had added the fuel to the fire. "Bro,there's still some time. Go up and talk to her" said Ricky as I shook my head into a no. We were at the rooftop of Hunter,chilling and listening to some cool some music and gossiping about life.

I was missing and was craving for her gorgeous sight on my phone but unfortunately my ego wasn't allowing me to go up and talk to her. Her words really did hurt me this time,even though my heart shook every time I thought about the idea of losing her. Sighing,I grabbed my phone and went on to watch her saved pictures.

I had saved over 100 pictures of her and a bunch of cute videos and screen recordings from our FaceTimes. She is a great fan of Snapchat filters,and I get a lot of selfies and adorable videos from her every single morning,which literally brightens up my day. Unfortunately this morning,I didn't receive anything from her which really did disrupt my regular routine of happiness.

I closed my eyes to feel the cold breeze freezing my face as her thoughts started to fill in my mind. I could imagine her grinning like an idiot,taking her rabbit teeth out just because she couldn't get the meaning of a dirty joke. I could hear her teasing me as if she's just a  feet away from me,because I lost in a funny argument of ours.

Ah I love you, Rose..

There was a hand on my shoulder,and I turned to meet with the eyes of Ricky. "Dude,I think it is the best time to reveal the truth to Hunter" he said as I gave off a sigh. Hunter's girlfriend has been cheating on him from the past one month,and she was caught red handed by Ricky but I had asked him to keep quiet,witnessing the immense love of Hunter for his girl.

I do not understand the reason behind anyone cheating one anyone. If you do not like someone,or you can feel your feelings decrease day by day,just let your partner know about it. That's a tough decision and would hurt the other person a lot,but it's good for him in the long run. Why cheat? When you can just normally breakup with the person and later go in a relationship with the other one?

This thought of mine could actually save a lot of hearts from breaking,to be honest. But I guess,cheating on someone is a choice,and staying loyal to someone is solely a responsibility. I could guarantee about a fact that,no matter whatever happens,Rose wouldn't ever do this to me if someday I make her my girlfriend because she is made completely out of a different material.

Rose's POV
I finished off my business studies homework and packed it into my bag,and wandered off to my kitchen to check the fridge if there was something to eat. Shaking my head I closed the door of my fridge because as usual there wasn't anything to have.

Ughh I miss Veronica

Why did she have to leave so early?! My phone rang violently echoing a different ringtone as I realized it was from WhatsApp. I quickly ran to it,hoping it from Eran but to my surprise it was my mother calling from Dubai. Yeah right,why would Eran call me up now? He must be busy after his beautiful ex.

"Yes mom" I said,receiving the call. "How are you dear?" she asked as I felt the tears rising to my eyes. I really missed her presence in my house,her childish nature and adorable actions and our weird dancing in the living room under the gleaming chandelier. It was over a month now,she was out of the country.

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