Never-ending Nightmares

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Eran's POV
I began to look for the location according to the traced destination Ricky sent to me of Rose. My engines roared on the streets as fast and loud,in search of the love of my life. I wasn't able to comprehend the way I was feeling about this recent issue which is literal shaking me to the end of my nerves.

She is my world,and hearing her gasp for air and some help in that way made my heart ache. Rose is someone who has always lightened up my day with that one morning voice record of her,which was always filled with the daily hype and excitement. I just wasn't able to figure things out at all.

My eyes were filled and clouded with tears and as I drove faster on the empty street than I ever could towards the mobile phone location. All of a sudden someone came in the middle of the road and I yelled and gripped my steering wheel tighter as I pressed the brakes hard and there was a high pitched sound from my wheels.

Rose's POV
I ran as fast as I could from the crowded jammed signal,leaving everything in the car behind. I could bet a thousand dollars that I have never been this scared and shaken up during my whole entire teenaged life. My bare feet made contact with the stony pavements of the road loudly,as my heart thumped and all I could hear was the sound of me running and my mind hatching scenes that,what if the driver gets a hold of me.

Running for about twenty minutes I never realized when I came in the middle of an empty street and I watched a black car coming closer to me as I screamed and felt the hard contact with my knees,as there was a loud booming noise and all I heard was a scream from the one who was driving and the scene in front of me blacked out.

I fainted.

Eran's POV
I quickly got down from my car and rushed to the person's side. She wiped her brown hair locks and turned to face me with her hands on her bruised knee,seemed like she was in her mid twenties. "I'm so sorry,I'm in case of an emergency and had to rush towards somewhere!" I said quickly.

"But that doesn't mean you have to crush someone under your expensive wheels!" she whined back which was totally justified. I nodded as she moved from my way and I apologized once again getting back into my car.

Never caring about anything,as my normal forte to follow,I once again blowed my horns and roared my car engines down the street as I heard the woman scream again towards my car and I rolled my eyes. Rose was my one and only priority at the moment.

Rose's POV
I opened my eyes,firstly viewing absolutely nothing because of the blurry vision as the left part of my head rocked with pain and I winced. The ceiling fan seemed to be familiar,and watching the curtains which belongs to Veronica,made my comfort level rise to the higher peak.

"Hey hey hey,are you okay?" she said quickly rushing to my side as I attempted to get up and she helped me. I nodded and looked towards her as the expression of utter worry dazed into her face. "I'm fine,chill" I replied as she quickly pulled me into a hug as I watched Daisy sitting by the bed as well.

She quickly came to my side and pulled me into a hug. "Oh god,I was so scared Rose" said Daisy as I nodded. My forehead was bandaged,and there were a bunch of bandaids on my knees,and my lips felt swollen.

"I got so scared the moment my car hit you on the road,I thought I lost you"said Veronica. "I'm fine,even I was scared. I can't explain to you the mental trauma the driver put me through!" I replied as my heart began to increase it's beats at the thought of it.

"But how did you get to know?" I asked. "Uncle called me up from Dubai,and told me about the phone call between you and him and I was off to looking for you!" she replied,as that made sense. After about thirty minutes of the girl to girl talk,the little moment between me and Eran came into my mind.

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