Worse Circumstances

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Eran's POV
"just a what?! A headache of her left your heart all bruised up?!" shouted Rose as I froze. I know whatever she is saying right now,it's just her anger triggering her mental state,but I have a heart for gods sake. She is completely a different person when we get engaged into an argument or even a small issue to say rude stuffs to each other.

I just wanted to get rid of Mary's presence at that moment and that is why I paid the money she needed,so that she couldn't continue with her rubbish drama not because I felt bad watching her pain or any shit like that. That's just absurd of Rose to think about it in this way. I wonder how she even got to know about these. "Oh shut up!" I said as she went silent for a while.

A feeling of utter guilt hit me as I gradually heard her voice crack up,and she had now started to sob which now clearly gave me the idea of her being very hurt.

Let's just not let it get much more worse

"You gotta.." before I could even finish my sentence,she disconnected the call,cutting me off as now that added to my rage and I switched off my phone. Enough is enough of her misunderstanding me every single time,and her being mean to me even though I was treating her with decency the whole time.

"All good?" asked Ricky as my jaw clenched. "Keep this phone with you,and give it to me if my parents call,no one else" I replied handing him over my phone as I sat in my car and Ricky rushed to the passenger seat and I harshly drove down the street.

Rose's POV
The feeling of loneliness hit me hard as soon as I entered my room,noticing no suitcases from Veronica. I knew she had to leave today,but she could have at least waited for me to come back from the class. There was a note sticking to my mirror,written by her.

'Hey sissy,I know I left without informing you,but you were being late than the usual timing and mum was driving me crazy so I had to leave early. Sorry! I love you! Take your medicines on time,and heat up the food I left for you in the fridge and have it.'

I gave off a small laughter,keeping back the note to my bedside drawer. I switched on my mobile phone,hoping few texts from Eran but to my surprise there wasn't even a single call on messenger. Yeah,why would he even call,when he was caught being with his ex.

My phone rang,as I looked towards the screen hoping it from Eran but I was wrong.

Rose: "Hey"
Ryan: "What happened? Your teacher called your mom,and she called me to check up on you"
Rose: "she could have just called me"
Ryan: "your phone was switched off,now care to tell me what's up?"
Rose: "just a little argument with someone"
Ryan: "someone? Are you dating anyone? What the hell?"
Rose: "Chill,I'm not and if I'm,you will be the first one to know"
Ryan: "well even I had a fight with my girl"

So not interested to know why you had a fight. I'm just tired!

Rose: "I see"
Ryan: "Bro,you seem extremely upset,is this 'someone' a hug or a girl?"
Rose: "A guy"

Eran's POV
"Bruh,I think you shouldn't let this little issue ruin things,just call her up and fix the things" said Ricky as I sipped to my coffee watching the bonfire. "It was her fault" I replied,not looking towards him. "Any girl,on her place was bound to react in that way,so it's okay" said Ricky as I laughed to myself


"Don't let her slip away,you never know,what if she's on a call with a guy? Would you like it if someone else provides her with happiness or makes her feel better,when it was supposed to be you?" added Ricky.

"She would never do that to me,because she is a different kinda girl. Don't worry I know she's not in the call with anyone now" I said,feeling the light of pride brimming on my eyes.

Roses POV
Rose: "A guy"
Ryan: "and a fight is affecting you that much?"
Rose: "no it isn't"
Ryan: "you really love him,don't you?"


Rose: "No! And I gotta go now"

I said and quickly disconnected the call without having him say something as a reply. Plugging my phone back at the charge I leaned on my couch taking a short breathe. As soon as I closed my eyes,I felt the drug of sleep getting to me as Eran's picture popped up in my mind and unknowingly a smile curved out of my lips.

He's got that majestic look going on, with his brown eyes making me weak at the knees. He has the heart of a lion but the soul of an angel with a slim, muscular figure. I loved the way his voice quickened when he sparkled with a new idea, or when he tried to be childish. I could say that his friends love him the most,like the way they're drawn to him. Why wouldn't they? He is a perfectionist.

I picked up my phone to call him up and that's when it hit me. "Rather friendly" the way he was speaking with his ex. The doorbell rang as I ran to the door,finding Daisy standing on the steps. "Hey" I said and let her in. "Are you okay?" She asked as I rolled my eyes and nodded.

"I know whatever he did was wrong,but I still think you should call him up and talk" she said as I rolled my eyes again and gave off a laughter. "No" I replied coldly,turning on the tv. "I don't think he should have hidden this matter from you" she said  as I again nodded. "Did you call him back at least once?" "No I won't" I replied directly.

Eran's POV
"Nope,I won't call her,it wasn't my fault. It was her misunderstanding" I told Ricky as he filled his mouth with another nugget. "At least clear the misconception" "no" I replied harshly.

There was no way I was going to call her up and discuss shit. I was beginning to talk to her nicely and she was the one who decided to just jump into conclusions and onto me and cut the call. I know her ego,and I know her too. She wouldn't be able to stay that long apart from me,but this time I do pray that she finds a way out of this terrible misunderstanding,but I just don't wanna be the way.

Staying mad at her wasn't something which was giving me any source of peace or whatever. It in fact was driving me nuts because I was really missing her peaceful face on the FaceTime and her magical voice on the phone which sometimes sounded so hot.

Her voice was something,a type of melody I have always wanted in a girl whom I could call mine. I'm not into girl who would sound so sweet that I would feel that I'm getting diabetes or a girl who sounds that bold and harsh that I feel that my neck is going to be cut because of the sharpness of it. Her one was..


As if it was the base of my happy memories, for it feels so solid and real. The way she is a goofy person,it feels as if whenever she speaks,it's filled with a pleasant voice full of laughter bringing along a bunch of joy and happiness to their surroundings. As if a heavenly voice that is characterized by divinity and holiness straight up from the heaven.

Ughhhh! I miss her

*small sneak peek*
"Who is this?" I asked,being absolutely astounded the way her confidence shone on her tone. "You heard me,it won't be good for you, if you stay with him any longer" she added as I gave off a laughter. "You walk to your coaching centre almost everyday right?" She added again as this time my heart kinda skipped a beat.

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