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Rose's POV
The morning sun crept in my room through the maroon curtains as I stretched out and yawned. I got up and quickly did the first mandatory thing I do every single morning when I wake up. Which is obviously to text Eran. I clicked the send button and looked towards my right to watch Veronica still fast asleep with her hand on Daisy's face and Daisy's leg on Veronica's waist,which looked like a pretty dirty pose to sleep in but never mind.

I have a good feeling about today's morning. Last night was truly a nightmare and I really wonder what would have happened if Veronica never found me on the streets. What would have happened if I never escaped out of that car? I squeezed my eyes shut swiftly not even trying to think about it because the outcomes were horrifying.

But I also wonder,what if Eran was the one to rescue me from that chaos. I would have gotten the opportunity to see his face for the very first time. I seriously wonder what does he actually look like,in front of my naked eyes and not on the crazy Instagram pictures or snaps with filters on.

I checked the time and it was past twelve,damn I really did sleep a lot today. Sighing I got up,and put my hair on a bun and went towards my kitchen to FaceTime the one person I know isn't sleeping at the moment. It's a bad habit of mine that I can never even dream of eating peacefully without doing anything extra.

Either it has to be a movie that I have already watched a million times,or a series,or talk to someone. So yeah,even though I have got literally nothing to talk about with that person now,I'm gonna FaceTime him anyways,just to stare.

Rose: "What's up"
Ryan: "Just watching your mouth chew on the cereal while looking like a complete shit"
Rose: "and you can never pass a single day without humiliating me"
Ryan: "like duh,what happened though? You are drinking way too much water which basically means you are super excited to tell me something"
Rose: "Umm,yeah kinda"
Ryan: "spill"

It took me a while to share yesterday's incidents with Ryan as I noticed the changes which took place time to time within his face expressions. In the end of my narration he crashed his palm on his forehead and sighed heavily and I shrugged rolling my eyes.

Ryan: "Dude,I cant even imagine what Eran must have felt"
Rose: "Neither can I,he was shocked to death"
Ryan: "How is he doing though?"
Rose: "He must be sleeping now,no wonder he had a rough night,and I'm really offended to think that you are much more concerned about my boyfriend other than your best friend!"
Ryan: "did I just hear that wrong? My boyfriend? Spill the tea bish!"
Rose: "Oh god! No! Chill! We are still "friends" I mean,I'm still not ready to go in a relationship. People change after going in a relationship"
Ryan: "you know what? Yeah! Don't go in a relationship he will be doomed! And I actually do feel bad for him"
Rose: "Why so?"
Ryan: "You don't have stuffs"

And before I could even open my mouth in defense he disconnected the call right on my face as I started laughing and ended up checking myself on the mirror. Am I really not attractive enough for him? "Good morning sissy!" said Veronica as I quickly dropped my T-shirt. "What? Dude,chill you have a pretty belly" she added,as I made her a sandwich.

"No like,I was wondering,am I really that much ugly?" I said to her as she made a face like she was right about to punch me. "You better ask this question to Eran" "and then he will start thinking that I'm just like the other girls out there,for real,look at me. My figure looks so .." "perfect,now shutup! Don't let your body dysmorphia get the best of you!" she replied as I sighed.

Today's class was going on better than the rest of the other classes. Daisy is right beside me listening to her favorite songs while completing the work and I,however continued to wait for Eran's text as my pen kept on coming in contact with the notebook. "Stop checking your phone,he must be in a hangout somewhere" said Daisy,as I sighed.

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