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Rose's POV
I knew talking with him is going to solve everything,be it about my mental chaos or my physical insecurities. It's just like a simple magic,I really don't know how he manages to do that every single time.  Never realized the fact when it got that dark. We almost spoke for two hours and it felt amazing,as if my mind had refreshed and I felt light.

"Oh god,I never realized when it got that dark,you shouldn't stay out alone" he said as I gave a 'awwwhh' face expression to myself. See? Now you know the reason why I always say that I feel super warm and safe with him around me.

Okay fine on the call,same shit.

After a bunch of 'byes' and 'yes same here's' I finally started to walk towards my home fangirling over his super attractive voice as the rain had managed to get my hair totally drenched. Everything still feels like a dream to me,like just imagine. His profile picture of Instagram caught my gaze and I got a strong crush on him and I didn't even imagine it in my wildest dream of him falling for me too.

And now here we are,talking to each other everyday. There are times I wonder to myself,as in like what are we? Are we best friends? Are we in a relationship? Like what on earth is even going on? Should I propose him?  Or should I let things continue the way it has been since these months?

Everyone says that every boy changes after getting into a relationship. He doesnt pay attention to you the way he used to do before,neither does he call you anymore whenever you disconnect the call being pissed,nor does he pay attention to the thing that why did you cry to sleep the other day.

Everything just seems to change. There was a huge difference in the behaviour of my ex as well,he actually did change in these ways after I said a yes to his proposal. Suddenly the idea of him getting out with his friends every single day and smoking together seemed like a better option of leading his life rather than spending the day with me. Iam not saying that tis a bad thing or something,but I guess being a girlfriend its my right to ask some time from him.

But i believe,that Eran wouldnt ever do this to me. I really hope that he would know how to lead a life in a normal balanced way and not zone me out from everywhere when he is out or wont act that much insensitive towards me because I kid you not, I aint making that same mistake again of keeping quiet. I would raise my voice against this shit,and if it still doesnt change,I would open other options for me which he wouldnt really like.

"Hey?" said my sister as I didnt realise when I got to my home door and even rang the doorbell. I slightly smiled at her gesture and directly walked to my room,giving off a round of sneezes. "okay, I heard whatever happened between you and her,im so sorry" said Veronica as  I gave off a sigh. "Im habituated honey" I replied taking off my overcoat which was now totally drenched.

A text from Eran vibrated in my phone which read, "Ihope you are doing fine now" as I smiled and swiped up the text. "okay i assume you are perfectly fine" said Veronica refering to my phone as I blushed slightly. Plugging my phone into the charge I sat back on the couch as Veronica pulled a tool and sat on it. "Spill" she said,as I gave off a laughter.

"Iam not sure about Eran and my relationship" I said,groaning. "Umm,you guys are still talking,take your time,dont just jump in for a relationship i guess" replied Veronica. "I know,but I'm just worried about the future,as in if someday I become his girlfriend,would he repeat the things which my ex did,or will he make me go through the same shit I had to endure once?" I said,running my finger through my wet hair.

"Eran isnt abusive Rose,what are you talking about?" "Girl,I'm talking about the usual boyfriend shits. Daisy already warned me about Eran's number of hangouts and stayovers with his thousands of friends,isnt it obvious that he would just throw me out from his life just because he is out with his lifelines?" I said,feeling the heat rising up my cheeks.

"I got your point,but even you have so many friends. The second you will notice him ignoring you,just do the same. Get out with your friends or engage yourself somewhere else" "Dont you know the way im obsessed with Eran?! I literally have placed him as the number one person in my life. Its like I feel as,what if he feels left out if i talk with others,its just all so messed up" I said,feeling tears to fill in my eyes.

"I really dont want him to feel deserted with me being in his life,but at the same time I dont want him to go away from me because of my nature. Its not that i dont want him to enjoy his life,tis just that,ughhh!!!" I added,placing my face into my palms. "Bro,the guys out there will give up anything to make a girl like you,their's. It will literally be Eran's loss if he isnt able to keep you,not yours" said Veronica as i nodded.

Eran's POV
After hanging up the call with Rose,I made her promise me to get to home all safe because firstly it was late,secondly it was raining and i didnt want her to get sick at all. I felt terribly horrible after hearing all the ruckus which had been created due to her grandmother,and me adding to her trouble by behaving bad.

But I'm also grateful to the fact that I could make her smile,and divert her mind from that situation. We were talking on the phone for an hour or so and at a point I was hearing her shivering on the call and that's when it dawned on me that it was raining and she was out there somewhere.

Immediately leaving our deep conversation aside,I somehow managed to convince her to leave for home and that I would continue our little conversation again when she's back at home.

Rose is like a beautiful puzzle. Sometimes I don't understand how does she manage to get so sad,that she runs out of her house all alone,but then again she attends to my call at the same time even though we had an argument. It is truly really difficult to find a girl like her in this spoiled generation,where no one is loyal and no one hesitates sharing an illicit picture as an Instagram story.

Next morning
I continued to hangout around my coaching center as Ricky showed me this new meme over which I threw my head backwards out of laughter. Sometimes it keeps me wondering that how do people come up with these ideas of making jokes,like I wonder how are they in real lives.

"So? How's your baby doing?" asked Hunter as my mind totally diverted towards her dazzling smile. "She's good" i replied sipping on my coffee,as I felt my cheeks flushing. "Dude are you seriously blushing? Brooo!! Our Eran has changed!" announced my annoying friend. "Oh God,shut up!" I replied as my eyes fell on the girl who was catwalking towards me


"What's wrong with her now?" I said quietly as my friends rolled their eyes. "Hi" she said,flashing one of her pathetic smiles. "Cut the crap,what do you want?" I asked,sipping on my coffee and shifting my eyes towards a silver car from where Daisy stepped out.

Daisy? Here? What is she doing over here?

*small sneak peek*
"Dude I saw Eran's ex with him" said Daisy,as I felt my heart doing a flip and my knees started to tremble at her words. I felt my throat to dry up the second she said that. "Umm,what? Really? Where?" I asked..

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