Encounter with Mary

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Eran's POV
Mary continued with her blabbering as I watched Daisy's eyes darting towards my friends and Mary who was trying to get closer to me as I kept on backing away. She shook her head and marched towards the center as I looked towards Mary out of irritation.

"Please Eran" she pleaded as I yelled. "What do you want from me?!" She shook her head and said, "I'm having a real bad headache and I wanna go back to home" . I furrowed my eyebrows thinking how am I supposed to get her rid of her headache when she herself is a headache to me.

I rolled my eyes and walked past her and went inside the center as she continued to make stupid excuses to talk to me. "Stop leaning up on him" I heard Hunter tell her as I ignored her tantrums and continued to walk in.

Rose's POV
I quickly grabbed my bag and packed the pen and scale in it as Veronica threw an apple towards me. My English classes were supposed to held earlier today and as usual I forgot about that and also woke up late today because duh I spent half of the night looking at Eran's pictures. We couldn't speak that much this morning as he left a text to me that he would be leaving for 3g,his coaching centre bit early.

Fortunately I was able to finish the apple on the way to my centre and I threw away the seeds of it outside as my phone rang. I stopped walking for a while and stood by the wall to receive the call as I heard a car speeding towards me as I turned to my back but I was too late to back away,as it hit my arm and my phone crashed on the stony sidewalk.

A strong pain raised through out my arm as I couldn't feel it for a sec as the boy from the car rushed to my aid. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry" he said as the voice felt familiar and I looked at him. Oh,this is that jerk on whom I had crashed landed once and his girlfriend came up to me asking me to maintain distance.

"It's okay" I replied and started to walk away as he jumped in front of me and I backed away. "Did I break your arm?" he asked,as I rolled my eyes. "No" I replied walking aside as he again jumped up in front of me and now he was getting onto my last nerves. "Still,can I make it up to you somehow?" he asked as I crossed my arms as his face expressions changed and his eyes wandered to my lips and eyes.

"Yes you can,stop driving" I replied and walked past him. While walking I gave a look to my back and he was still standing over there watching me leave as I groaned out of irritation.

The cold air continued to strike my face harder as my hands started to freeze even more. As soon as I reached the centre I watched Richard sitting on the bench,on his phone. "Hi" he said looking up from his phone. "Hey,how are you doing?" I asked as he kept his phone away. "I'm fine,how are you?" "Good" I replied.

Oh God,the very awkward silence

"So,how is your new friend doing?" asked Richard,and I guess about Eran. As soon I was about to answer Daisy appeared out of nowhere and pulled me away from Richard inside the centre as I shouted a 'bye' to him and he gave off a laughter.

Low key thank you Daisy for saving me from this awkward conversation

"What happened?!" I asked as she started to breath real fast due to running. "Dude,I saw Eran's ex with him" said Daisy,as I felt my heart doing a flip and my knees started to tremble at her words. I felt my throat to dry up the second she said that. "Umm,what? Really? Where?" I asked.

Sound chilled Rose,it's okay it's okay,sound fine and cool

"I went to 3g today,so when I was getting in,I saw Mary talking to him and his friends in a rather friendly way" she replied.

Rather friendly way..

"Oh" I replied. I couldn't say anything else,I was speechless. My heart was breaking to the every passing second but I couldn't let it show on my face. There was a text from Eran which buzzed in,and it read, "I miss you" which suddenly felt horribly worse for me.

Why Eran? Why?

*small sneak peek*
"I swear I didn't talk with Mary,it was just a.." "just a what!? A headache of hers left your heart all bruised up?!" I shouted and could feel my heart breaking as I ran out of the class and down the stairs crying hard.

To be continued

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