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You and LJ happily dated for about a month. Each day Slenderman would watch you guys and pure rage would build inside of him. Hatred over both him and LJ. He got angrier and angrier the more you did, , like cuddling, and kissing. The day he decided to strike happened to end somewhat horribly.

You and LJ were hanging out in his carnival after it had closed. You were on the Ferris wheel, which you had climbed up to the top. You were gazing at the stars with him when you two heard the static like sound. LJ looked around and saw Slenderman on the cart right next to you guys.

"What are YOU doing here?" LJ asked standing up, and leaning over the edge. Slenderman just stared and teleported into the cart with you and LJ.

"Slender! Get out!" You yelled.

"No! ___! Look, I love you! I can't bear to see you and LJ together!" Slenderman said pulling you into his chest. This brought all your feelings back for him. You looked at him,

"I love you too.." You cried into his chest realizing how much pain you put him in.

"What about me?!" LJ Yelled in anger.

"I can't continue our relationship any longer..." You trailed off. LJ charged at you. Slenderman tried to step in front of him. but LJ got past him and tackled you, causing you to fall off the Ferris wheel.

"____!" Slender yelled panicked. It took you a second to realize you were falling from the top of the Ferris wheel. You looked down to see the ground coming closer and closer.

"I love you!" You shouted as you fell, hitting your head causing internal bleeding. Slenderman teleported to your side. He held you as he cried,

"No... No No! Come on.. Wake up! I love you! I shouldn't have cheated! I'm sorry....please come back.." He cried, tucking your hair behind your ear. He tried healing you but he couldn't it was all hopeless. He carried your body out of the park, and dug a grave in his own forest. He placed your delicate body in a coffin he had stolen, and placed you in it. He held your hand one last time and kissed you. He then closed the coffin, and started burying it as he cried. He vowed to you, that he will never move on and he would stay true to you, and only you.

~~Jeff The Killer~~
*Trigger Warning~ Abuse/Beating*

Homicidal Liu was taking you out on a 'date' today. You dressed up and such, grabbing your phone that had about half of the battery full. You waited for him to pick you upn and once he did he was driving down this abandoned road, through this old town,

"Liu.. where are we going?" You asked a bit worriedly.

"Don't worry. It'll be fun.." he smirked. He arrived at this old prison. You unplugged your phone from the stereo which was playing (your favorite song).He lead you into the prison which was pitch black, and he handcuffed you to one of the cell's walls.

"Liu!" You screamed as he laughed.

"You made Jeff happy once... HE DOESN'T DESERVE HAPPINESS!" Liu yelled and walked out of the cell locking it. You hands were behind your back, and your phone happened to be in your back pocket. You reached in and used two pieces of glass that had a reflection and tried calling Jeff. You called him and screamed,

"Jeff!" You yelled panicked.

"__? What's going on?" He asked. Soon Liu came bursting in the door.

"Oh you calling Jeff to save you?! He CAN'T!" He said bringing out a chainsaw.

"____! I'll be there!" Jeff said hanging up and rushing over. Liu walked over with the chainsaw in hand. He smirked and turned It on, you watched as the blazes spun around rapidly. He came up and started with each finger, the wrist, the toes, then feet. He let you suffer, as you screamed in pain. He then cut your elbows and knees off. You screamed and Jeff busted in seeing the blood bath in front of him.

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