~~You Pretend You Dont Know Him + Reunited~~

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The idea struck, why not mess with him? I mean in a way he got you killed. You looked at him intimidatingly.

"Slenderman." You kept a blank face. He immediately hugged you whispering something. Pushing him off you looked at him,

"Is that some thing you do with new creepypastas? Just hug them?' You questioned looking confused. Slenderman looked at Masky, and immediately pinned him to a tree.

"What'd you do to her?! Why doesn't she remember?!" Slenderman growled hold him him up by the sides of his jacket. You looked to see Masky flailing around, and ran up to them,

"Slenderman" you chuckled. "I could never forget you" you smiled up at him.

He immediately dropped Maskey, following a 'thud' front the impact of him falling. Slenderman picked you up spinning you around happily, and kissing you.

"I love you. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry ____.... I'm sorry..." He whispered in your ear happily kissing you,

"It's fine Slenderman..... I promise" you said pecking his cheek. Later you made up with L.J, but Slenderman wouldn't let you go near him. But the remainder of the night, Slenderman was fascinated by your tendrils and appearance.

~~Jeff The Killer~~

As you saw Jeff there standing in awe, the idea came to you,

"Who- who are you!" You called out acting scared. His eyes seemed to widen before hesitantly walking towards you,

"It's- it's me.... Jeff.." He said looking at you hopefully. You looked at him, with a confused look.

"No.... Come on. You remember me don't you?!' He yelled pleadingly.

"Never." You chuckled, revealing your little joke. Sadly,make cc didn't take it as a joke and pinned you against the walls,

"Naughty girl aren't you?" He smirked kissing you.

"I could never forget you JeffyPoo!~' you chuckled poking his cheek.mhe pulled away looking at you with an 'are you serious' look.

"JeffyPoo?" He questioned,

"Yes. JeffyPoo." You giggled as he picked you up spinning you around. He pulled you close to him, his arm around your waist and started walks back to the mansion smiling.

"Just so you know, you look amazing." He whispered in your ear, making you blush.

~~Laughing Jack~~

Looking back you saw Laughing Jack. You knew Slenderman was reading your mind so you sent the message of 'play along'.

"Ummm... Slenderman how does he know my name?' You asked looked at Slenderman. Jack's mouth dropped and contemplated what words just left your mouth. He chuckled a bit,

"Well that's Jack. Laughing Jack to be exact. Slenderman explained.

"Wait. ____, you know me stop playing." Jack crossed his arms and you chuckled a bit,

"I shall never remember a monochrome clown, and that happened to be my past boyfriend." You said sarcastically and he ran up and hugged you.

"I've missed you.... So much." He smiled, nestling his face in your hair.

"I'm glad" you smiled. He took a moment and pulled away fully examining your outfit,

"You. Look. Stunning." He smiled.

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