~~Chilling With The Boyfriend//And Soon To Be Fiance~~

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((Quick Cute Chapter))
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Today was a gloomy, rainy day. Not the type to exactly hang out in the forest. The humidity would totally mess up your hair anyway. You sat on the couch just reading your book as Slender came into your room and chuckled a bit. You noticed he was in his pajamas which was only pajama pants, and some ducky slippers. His broad shoulders and defined torso showing

"Terrible day isn't it...?" he sighed looking outside your window.

"Yeah seriously." You chuckled cuddling up in your blankets. He smiled at you, think of how cute you were all snuggled up.

"You know~ We can always... just hang out together..." he said blushing. You laughed a bit and moved over allowing him to fit in your bed. He smiled and climbed in looking at your book. You knew he wanted it so you handed it to him. You rested your head on his arm as he read the book.

"Oh... right" he smiled at you, like he remembered something. He then proceeded to read to you, if this was how gloomy days would be, you wished they were like that all year..with him

~~Jeff The Killer~~

You looked outside seeing it was in the middle of summer, way to hot for your liking. Turning on your air conditioner you sighed, wearing a crop top, and some shorts. You sighed a bit as you saw Jeff walking in, shirtless.

"IT'S TOO HOT!" He whined purposely falling on top of you.

"Get off! Your not the only one!" You yelled trying to push him off as he chuckled. He ran off somewhere as you ignored it. A little while later you heard him stumble in the house. Thinking he was drunk you shook your head until a bucket of ice cold water drenched you.

"Jeff?!" You yelled, your hair and clothes now soaked.\

"Hey Babe." he chuckled looking at you as you got up and chased him. He slipped on the water and fell back as you laughed looking at him on the ground. He cursed to himself and you chuckled hugging him so he got went

"______~ Why you do dis?!" he whined as he pushed you off chuckling.

"Your so adorable sometimes..." he sighed and walked off as you laughed going back to the air conditioner. He smiled walking back and running a hand through his hair,

'You'll be mine soon....officially...and forever'

~~Laughing Jack~~

You sighed as you walked around the house, bored. There was nothing to do! And if their was something to do, you already did it. So, you called up your fun and fabulous boyfriend Jack and chuckled a bit as he answered,

"Jackkkkkk~' you smiled as you answers the phone,

"What'd you want...." He asked knowing you always had that tone of voice when you wanted something.

"I'm bored.....~" you smiled hoping he would Come over,

"____. I'm tired. I've been working all day and AM STILL working." He said as he handed out candy.

"Your job isn't THAT hard." You said crossing your arms

"Yeah. How about you come try it?!" He retaliated.

"Maybe I will!" You yelled and hung up, driving to his carnival. After hours and hours of work, you sighed and looked at him nodding,

"You were right...."you sighed leaning on him as he smirked kissing you,

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