~~Proposal Prep~~

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His POV//ALL Characters

I sighed as I left Y/N's room. I thought about the future....a lot. How I didn't want to let her go...And make her OFFICIALLY mine. Even though we ARE together, I want to take it a step further. And now,her being a creepypasta makes everything better. For me at least....she can always reject me..

I sighed in annoyance at my thoughts, of course she would say yes..Why wouldn't she? Oh yeah...I cheated on her..BUT that was in the past..so it's okay. I headed to my office and started to plan things, like where it would be held and stuff. I called in the other pastas to help me set up...the most rememberable proposal yet.

"Ha...That's funny how you think she'll say yes.." Sully smirked as Liu apologized on his behalf. I looked down shaking my head, knowing how Sully could get. Few hours later we finished the planning, Y/N will love it....I hope.

~~Jeff The Killer~~

I looked down as I walked into the kitchen, soaking wet from Y/N hugging me. Of course I didn't mind...I mean she's my little psycho. I chuckled peaking out of the kitchen seeing her huddled around the Air Conditioner. I looked down at the ring I've been holding onto forever, not positive on how I should ask...She deserves the best proposal ever. Just...HOW? How am I suppose to provide her with an everlasting proposal memory... Maybe a cemetery? Nah. Too much death. Stumped I called up E.J to help me figure this out. He met me in my room, where he listened to my situation and told me how I should start off with a speech. Smiling I headed to my desk where I tried my best to write a speech,

Ever since I met you that day I tried to murder you,

I thought you were amazing

Not a lot of people stand up to

I,Jeff The Killer.This striked me with interest,Gave me hope I found love,And here I am now,With You. And I would like to ask, If You, Y/N, M/N, L/N,Would Do Me The Honor,Of marrying me,

the most fabulous man in the world.'

~~Laughing Jack~~

After Y/N left the carnival, I packed up my cart. Thinking of how adorable she was working. My thoughts got more complex, like owning a cart together. Selling and killing children together. I smiled at the thought. That would be a dream come true.. But there was one more step we could do that. Marriage. It had crossed my mind a few times, but this was the first time I was really considering it. Just the image of her walking down the aisle in her monochrome dress, excited me. Not like that you creeps. It excited me for the future. I put some more things away as i started to plan it in my head. The funhouse we met at would be amazing...I don't think she would expect it. I chuckled a bit as I practiced what I would say

'Y/N we've had some bumps in the road-' No... why would I want to bring up bad memories... Stupid..'Y/N We've know each other for a while now and....I would like for you to be my wife...forever'Yeah that could work...but it might need a few changes..

My thoughts got disturbed when my phone beeped, I saw Y/N texting me. I smiled to myself, feeling like I could actually do this.

~~Eyeless Jack~~

Yes, I was a man of few words. But their were just four words I was dying to ask Y/N. And those were,'Will You Marry Me?'I've been thinking about since forever really. I mean, she meets all of my qualifications. I guess that was a little objectifying but, she really does get me. She will listen to me when I need to talk about things. She'll put effort in trying to make me feel better. She does all these things I don't deserve. Which makes me happy that she cares. I chuckled a bit and watched her study anatomy that she was learning from Doctor Smiley. I wasn't happy when he was assigned as her teacher, but it gave me the opportunity to help her out with her studies. But back to my proposal. I want it to be somewhere, quiet and nice. Like a meadow....Yeah, A Meadow. I chuckle at my thoughts as she looks at me weirdly.

"Nothing, come on I'll help you study." I chuckled lying on my stomach and helping her out.

~~Ben Drowned~~

I looked down as I basically cried like a baby in front of Y/N. How could I? I'm supposed to be protecting her...not the other way around. It's all Jeff's fault! I hate him sometimes.. As I became deeper in thought I somehow got to the point of marriage. I mean she treats me amazingly...which is also what I do to her. BESIDES the time I cheated of course... Would she say yes...? I mean what if she's still mad and hasn't told me and is just acting. I shake my head at these thoughts'She wouldn't she loves me...' I said alloud to myself to reassure me. I looked down and chuckled.'Wedding at Gamestop..' I shake my head at the idea as I chuckle. Never...Even I wouldn't like it. I started thinking and got the MOST PERFECT IDEA EVER. Getting excited I laughed a bit and ran up to my room to make arrangements.

~~Lost Silver~~

I smiled at Slenderman as he gave me a speech about my proposal idea. He had lots of tips like*Don't Be An Idiot*Don't Stutter*Don't Pressure Her*Don't Get My Hopes Up...*Prepare For RejectionHe told me girls liked confident guys, and look at me.. I can't get a complete sentence out without fumbling over my words. I looked down as I started to jot down some ideas. They were all Pokemon themed which I hope she doesn't think is too nerdy. I mean..we both love it. I started to panic as something striked my mind,'What If My Arms Disappear?'I panicked at this, I'd definitely get rejected. I sighed at my over thinking as I finally told myself,"You can do it Silver, and when she says 'yes' you'll be the happiest person in the world."

~~Doctor Smiley~~

I looked down as she accepted the heart, and called me 'kind sir'. Even though we were joking it around it made my face flush. I chuckled as she left to go organize the soveniers. I looked down and headed to my room which I shared with E.J. I knew he was most likely the wisest to ask about this topic since he was very smart and quiet.

"So...What'd you think?" I asked after explaining everything. He smiled behind his mask,

"I suggest you just go for it. I mean I've seen the way she looks at you. I'm sure she would say yes' He shrugged and left the room for me to think about things. I looked down as I started to think about this. Maybe the house I met her in? That could bring up bad memories of her best friend though... I sighed looking down not sure of where to do it, and what to say.

~~Homicidal Liu~~

I sighed as I argued with Sully about this topic,

"She'll say no ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!" I yelled at him."What'd you mean?! Is it BAD to propose at a gas station?!"
"Yes! Yes it is! This has to be romantic..and unforgetable.."

"Yeah. A gas station would be unforgetable!"

"A gas station would be gross and unsanitary! What about a rose garden?"

"Boring! What about... sky diving! That way if it doesn't go well, theres a chance of death :D"

"Sully....just no.." I sighed as I looked back at my computer, looking up ideas on how to propose. I finally found a helpful site, telling me how its all about Y/N and what she likes and enjoys. I took this as a good tip and started making a list of everything Y/N likes and encorporating it into my proposal plan document I had on my computer.

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