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~~His Pov~~
I sighed nervously as I paced around my office. I was going to do it. Today was the day. I was going to ask _____ to be mine.... Forever. I got a nice matte black suit with (Fav Color) tie/bowtie. She was getting ready in her room at the mansion and i sighed looking at the diamond incrested ring. Jeff,
'The Love Master'
Told me that women love diamonds. I actually trusted him and I'm not sure if I should have... Either way I have my fingers crossed she will say yes more than anything. I soghed as I check the time,
'Now Or Never...'
I headed to _____'s room and saw her in (Formal Dress) Yes, she was stunning... This made me a bit insecure with thoughts like,

Why would she marry someone with tendrils?

I Don't even have eyes...

I'm basically a giant...

"Slender? You ready?" ____ asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh yes.... Of course." I smiled taking her hand in mine and leading her down the stairs. As I was walking by the living room, Sully yelled,

"Get Some!"

I blushed as ____ laughed. I shook my head and lead her to the car. I drove to this really fancy restaurant called Nyghtfall. There was a perfect view of the sunset on the roof, which is where I reserved. They brought us to the top of the roof and I smiled as I got lost in her (Detailed) Eyes.. They served us dinner and stuff, and we talked about nothing. We were about to leave when she stood up I lead her to the railing that surrounded the roofs edge.

"___... You know I love you right?" I asked looking at her. She nodded and smiled at me

"Of course... And I love you too!" She chuckled kissing my cheek.

Ever since our forst meeting...back in the forest.
I knew you were someone special

Someone I couldn't looseThe day I asked you out WAS the best day ever..

I hope to get the chance to make new memories Better memories..And this is why,(Full Name)I would like to ask you,If you could make me the happiest man alive...And marry me.."

I smile kneeling down and getting the box that cotains the ring out of my pocket. I slowly opened it revealing the diamond ring. She looked at me like I was insane. I chuckle a bit


"Of course" She said hugging me tightly. I smiled to myself,

'I actually did it.. she's mine...forever..'

I pulled away from the hug seeing she is crying. I wiped her tears gently,

"Don't cry..." I smiled kissing her. She kissed back as I put my hands around her waist. I pulled away and slipped the ring on her finger, and tucking her hair behind her ear,

"I love you..."

"I love you too.."

~~Jeff The Killer~~
His Pov

I smiled a bit since today was the day, I was actually going to ask...
Yes, I'm basicalling freaking out on the inside but refuse to show it on the outside. I finished getting dressed. I was going to be taking her to a fancy masquerade. I smiled adjusting my tie as I took my mask and waited in the living room for her.

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