A Year with Mr. Arrogant

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A Week Earlier - Ace

"I don't care what you have to say son, I'm picking a wife for you and that's that," My father, Ron Daniels, shouted at me but at the same time he tried to stay calm. My eyes traveled to my mom's, who was massaging his shoulders trying to keep him calm.

"I'm afraid your father's right son," Mom sighed, coming to my side; where I sat on the opposite side of father's desk, "We don't want you to keep bringing different girls home every week.....o-or staying out late."

Mother placed her hands on mine, noticing that my hands were starting to tremble from anger.

"I'm already 18, I can do whatever I please," I snarled, rising from my seat, looking at the shocked face on my father. After taking one last look at my mother, who's heart seemed to look as if it had sunk when I had said those words.

"Why you son of a---," My father shouted as I left his office.

I loved my parents to death but telling me that I should marry out of no where was something I couldn't follow.

A Week Later - Abrielle

"Hey scholar!" a blond bimbo by the name of Cassidy called me, loud enough for everyone down the hall to hear.

I had just transferred to Harlock Academy as a scholarship student, and already everyone in the school knows. I mean why is it so bad? My family was middle class, but it obviously still seemed "poor" on their list.

Ugh! I hated this school so much already. Every corner you turn there were snobby rich kids ready to eat you alive or something. It made me want to take a gigantic lawn mower and clear the hall of these arrogant-headed people. Especially Cassidy and her blond army. I know it was violent and murderous but still!

The reason why I'm at this horrid school was because my parents were proud of me in getting in. They tell me how I'm the most wonderful daughter in the world and even bought me a new Iphone, how can I disappoint them now?!

Funny how I was so popular when I attended my old school, West Hill High, and now I'm at the bottom of the list. They can seriously kiss my ----

The bell started to ring violently and everyone started to clear the halls. With that I sighed and headed to my first class, math. All twenty-five pair of eyes rested on me as I took my seat. What the hell are they laughing about?

"Excuse me?" a brown haired girl with baby blue eyes tapped my shoulder. I gave her an angry look that made her jump in her seat a little.

"Um....there's a......here," she said, reaching behind my back and pulling off a piece of paper.

She held it in front of me and I gasped feeling embarrassment rush through me. The words read, SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT, in big bold letters. The girl flinched when I furiously snatched the paper from her hands and crumpled it up. The whole class started to laugh except for the brown haired girl who helped me out. At this moment, I was like a pissed off bull ready to charge at someone.

"Settle down class, I know your all excited for my lesson and all," Mrs. Florence remarked entering the class, " Now lets get started, who could tell me the answer of this problem," Mrs. Florence starts to scan her beady eyes, looking at each and everyone of us. I sank down in my seat, praying she wouldn't call me.

"Abrielle!" she cheerfully calls on me.

Great! Thanks for putting me on the spotlight!

"Uh, uh," I hesitated not wanting to sound intelligent.

"Come on I know you know this, your the top student in this class," she pointed out.

Jeez, thanks again lady! That really helped more!

With a sigh, I gave in and answered correctly.

"Very good! I knew I could count on you!" she exclaimed.

"Teacher's pet," a jock called me under his breath from behind, everyone heard except Mrs. Florence and started laughing.

I rolled my eyes letting out a huge sigh while holding back the tears. Usually I wasn't like this. Back at my old school I wasn't afraid to speak my mind but I wasn't a bitch either, only to the people that tried to put me down. However, at this hell hole, they overwhelmed me to the limit.

After class, I rushed out of there before anyone else.

"Hey!" someone called from behind but I just kept walking, "Wait up!"

The person pulled my shoulder back so I would face her.

"What?!" I angrily spoke, trying to stay calm.

"I just wanted to say.....don't listen to what people say, they're just self conscious so they have to pick on others," she said with a nice smile.

"T-thanks?" I raised an eyebrow, wondering why she was being so nice.

"I'm Jadine," she said, looking at me as if to ask, "What's your name?"

"I'm Abrielle," I gave a weak smile, "But call me Elle if you want."

"Cool," she smiled sweetly, her baby blue eyes twinkling.


School passes quickly, thank goodness, but I'm even more pissed than this morning. Cassidy and her barbie army thought it would be funny to purposely make me trip in the cafeteria, making my soup pour all over me. Of course, everyone laughed but the only person to help was Jadine.

We've already become good friends and I've told her about how my life was perfect at my old school, then transferring here because of how proud my parents were that I got a scholarship to the most elite high school. Jadine is the eldest daughter of the Daniels family, but I have never heard of them. What I know is that her family owns high class hotels through out the nation.

At least she isn't snotty, self centered, or a bitch.

"Scholar, did you like meeting the floor earlier?" Cassidy cackles with her friends in the most annoying way possible. I shoot her a devious smile. Keep on laughing because one day I'll show you how I'm feeling now. They stop laughing and blink in confusion as I make my way out of the school.

It's early December in California right now. A cool breeze hits my face and I gently inhale. Calm down, I tell myself, remembering everything that had happened today.

As I walk toward my outdated KIA, which I really need to upgrade, I bump into someone, causing me to drop all my books. The guy doesn't even bother to say sorry but instead rudely tells me to watch where I'm going. That totally triggers something inside of me.

"Pick it up," I growled at him as he was about five feet away.

He stops in his path and turns around scowling at me, "What?"

My voice becomes louder as I say, "Are you deaf? You heard me".

"Do you know who I am?!" he says, even louder.

Damn, how arrogant can this guy be?

"I don't care who the hell you are! Now pick the damn books up like you should've!" I snap, and we both have a stare down, other students start looking our way.

I eventually won and he picked up my books and asked, "Is there an apology?"

"Sorry," He narrowed his eyes, giving me a death glare and shoving it in my arms. He walks away slowly grumbling something to himself and getting into the back seat of a fancy car.

I scoff, "Rich people."

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