A Year with Mr. Arrogant 15

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Was I really seeing this?

Was I really seeing Ace kissing Cassidy? I turn my back on him for one second and now they're kissing? I hadn't noticed but tears had stained my cheeks. I looked at him with utter disgust. I saw a look of utter remorse on his face as he pushed past Cassidy.

What do I care? They were kissing, I guess this really was all a joke to him. I was stupid to believe the things he said. Your heart has just been broken, Abrielle.

I ran back into the ballroom where our dinner rehearsal was held. I heard Ace calling my name but I didn't want to hear what he had to say. I knew from the start I should've declined Mr. Daniels. Now that I realize, Ace is only trying to humiliate me because I said yes to try to curb his wild side.

Well I guess I was the wrong girl.

"Mom, I wanna go home! Now!" My tears poured down my face.

" What? What happened?" Mom questioned, as everyone's eyes darted my way.

"Now, please," I ran out of the room before Ace could get to me.

Why am I crying this much when at the beginning I was only suppose to teach him a lesson? Not develop feelings for him. This was too much, he was the first guy ever to win my heart over, but now it's shattered.


All I know is that I feel alone on my own. The wedding was off and I no longer have any relations with Ace. I didn't even want to think about his name, face, voice, or touch. Now that a week is up, I have to go back to school and face everyone. I've thought about everything and thought its best for me to move along.

I knew something disastrous would happen before or during the wedding. I was looking forward to wearing a wedding dress. Despite having a few dresses, I had my mind made up. Cassidy had to come and ruin everything.

Deep in my thought, I heard the faint voice of my mom calling me front downstairs. I was back to living with my parents. Dad had gotten all my things yesterday, and hopefully he beat the crap out of Ace. However, knowing my dad, he acted tough on the outside but he was soft on the inside.

"Abrielle!" Mom flung the door open.

"What?" I sighed, turning my head her way.

"Honey, I know your heart is broken. It's not worth crying over a guy who doesn't deserve you," Mom started, and I really hope she doesn't go through the relationship topic that we already went through, when I cried my heart out.

"I don't care," I spoke bitterly, even though I shouldn't be taking out my anger on her.

It's as if all the bitterness and hatred had taken over me.

"Come on, get ready for school," Mom pleaded, trying to calm me down by rubbing my back.


The eyes that trailed down my body were a bit uncomfortable, but lets see what Ace thinks. I didn't see him around but then I spotted Jadine!

"Jadine!" I called her name and she turned her head towards me, a big smile plastered on her face. She ran to me and gave me a big hug. I needed it. While I might hate one member of the Daniels family, I still love Jade.

"I heard what Ace did, are you okay?" She gave me big worried eyes.

A big thump formed in my throat and I just nodded.

"Why do you look so hot today?" She pulled back.

I bit my lip and dragged her to the nearest girls bathroom. I checked to see if there was anyone.

"I guess I just want to see his reaction," I said.

Jadine didn't say anything for a few seconds but just put on a think face.

"I haven't seen Ace since yesterday. So, how about we pay someone to act like he's your new love interest and see how Ace reacts!" Jade's face lit up, looking proud at the fact she came up with that.

"Maybe," I smiled, picturing how it would go.

"But still, I have a feeling that Ace doesn't like Cassidy at all," Jade muttered something, but I was too busy thinking to hear what she said.

I got out of the bathroom, and put on a smirk.

If you like playing games, then lets play a game Ace.

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