A Year with Mr. Arrogant 16

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"He'll be here in 10," Jade smirked, setting her phone down.

"Who?" I questioned, dumbstruck.

"Your new hot model love interest," Jade smiled.

"Right," I answered, as we waited on the bench of a park near the school. Jade and I already talked about all the possibilities that might happen. Both my mind and heart really believed he would care.

There was a honk near and my eyes landed on a gorgeous guy. I kind of recognized him from somewhere, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Jade waved him over and he walked over like the model he was. He is perfect.

Black hair with beautiful green eyes. He had a bit of a stubble, which made him look sexy. Tall, about six feet two inches, and I could see the abs under is white t-shirt. He looked to be a couple years older than us.

Jadine gave him a hug and I stood up to greet him. I gave a warm smile and Jadine introduced us.

"Abrielle this is Jace, Jace this is Abrielle," Jade introduced us.

Jace took my hand and sweetly planted a kiss on my hand. I mentally sighed and started remembering Ace's touches and gentle kiss.

Abrielle stop thinking about Ace. Think about the plan.

"Jadine told me what Ace did, are you alright?" Jace asked, looking concerned.

I gave a sad smile and nodded, "That's why I want to do this."

"Well, That's why I'm here to help," Jace agreed with a nod.


It was the next day and Jade had asked her mom if I could still get help with modeling. Mrs. Daniels instantly agreed and booked a debut photo shoot with a popular brand. I was so excited because this is something I always wanted to do. I'd even practice at home, one day hoping to be scouted.

Jace was also joining me in the shoot and Jadine was going to make sure Ace came along. Apparently Jace and Ace knew each other. I wonder how he will react?

I sat patiently waiting in the living room for Jade to pick me up. I was so impatient that I could hear the antique wall clock ticking away. Seconds after seconds, minutes after minutes and suddenly I heard the honking of a car.

I rushed out and saw Jace instead of Jade. 

"Hey," He smiled, getting out of his expensive looking car, "Jade wanted me to come get you for the shoot. She said if I came with you, it'd look more like we were together."

"I see," I nodded with a smile, "Thanks for doing this."

"No problem. You really like him don't you?" He asked, opening the door for me. Instead of answering I just blushed like an idiot.

This is it Abrielle, you can do this. You'll get to see how Ace responds to you.


We stood in front of the building where the photo shoot would be. I gulped and felt the nervousness fill my stomach. 

You can do it, you can do it.

"Ready?" Jace asked, holding out his hand.

I hesitantly looked at his hand but eventually took it. We walked in hand in hand. My mind about to explode with fear of not knowing what he would do.

We got to the door of the photo shoot room. Jace nodded his head at me and I nodded back, putting on the biggest happy face ever. Hopefully Ace won't see right through me.

Jace led me in acting as if he was telling me something funny. I laughed lightly, but I thought it was believable. I looked around and spotted him. My heart was about to leap out of my chest as his expression was readable. Anger and sadness.

My face suddenly dropped the fake smile and felt as if I was ready to cry. I haven't even seen Ace since the rehearsal dinner.

"Hey Ace-," Jace tried to say but Ace snatched me away from Jace.

Oh My God.

My heart started to thump quickly trying to take in what was happening. With one look at Jace, Ace pulled me out into the large hall letting me go. I stood there as if I were a broken robot, unsure what to do.

He didn't speak at all for a minute, and I was too scared to talk cause I could see the veins that were coming out from his arms and clenched hands.

"Have you moved on already?" He finally spoke.

I bit my lip and stuttered," Y-yes."

Suddenly his expression softened a little and so did the tension in his muscles. 

"Elle, please don't do this to me," He looked me in my eyes.

Great, now he was the one making me feel guilty when he's suppose to.

"Don't do what? I haven't done anything to you!" I almost shouted.

"Why can't you listen to me?!" He raised his voice out of frustration.

"Why? Because your lies worked each time I did listen to you," I frowned at him, fighting back the tears but my tears betrayed me and one had slipped out, "You actually had me falling for you."

"If you don't listen to what I have to say, how are you suppose to find out the truth. I'm falling for you too," He looked at me with innocent eyes, but could I believe his words?

"Lies," I thought aloud.

"No, When Cassidy pulled me out into the hall way to talk, I didn't think she would kiss me. Then you ran away before I could tell you what happened," He said, "I told you before, and I didn't lie, you're the only girl that's really got me with your magic, so if you walk out of my life now. I really don't know what I would do," Ace's voice was full of sincerity.

He seriously had me with those blue eyes of his. I could feel the sparks fly when he started to caress my cheek, wiping a tear of with his thumb. I was at a loss for words, but hopefully he could tell with the look in my eyes.

I silently wished he kissed me as he started to walk away.

I believe and trust him.

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