A Year with Mr. Arrogant 10

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The feeling of his bare skin touched mine, radiating his body heat on me. His muscular arms wrapped around my arms securely as if he was afraid I would be taken away from him. I couldn't help but think as I looked up at his sleeping face.

Was his words real?

I couldn't even give myself an answer that I desired to know. Its like he's been playing me in a chess game with sweet words and changed the rules by his actions. Painted me blue skies only to change it back to grey skies. For the things he's said and done, I didn't know if I can trust him, or expect him to hurt me again.

Do I like him?

At this point, I don't know what my feelings are, but I guess only time will tell?

On the other hand, the way he held me so close I could kiss him. I wanted to believe that he did like me, and not playing me like other girls. If he came out saying he liked me, I'd be damned, I would give him a chance if he changed. 

But isn't that why I'm here? To change him?

Wow, all this time, I've been engulfed in his emotional control when I was suppose to be taming him. While in my thoughts, the sudden noise of Ace's cell phone goes off. Damn, it just had to ring.

With a groan he let go of me and rolled over to get to his phone on the side night stand.

"Hello?" He answered, sitting at the edge of bed, "Yeah she's good.........no.........what time?......okay fine, we'll be there." He spoke, tussling with his messy hair.

I bit my bottom lip and waited to see what he would tell me. After setting his phone back down, he crawled back next to me and without a word wrapped his arms around me and closed his eyes.

Well, okay then?

"Ace?" I said, raising an eyebrow.

"Hmm?" He mumbled without opening his eyes.

"Who was that?" 

"Mom," He sighed, and revealed his breathe taking blue eyes, "She wants us to come over for something at noon."

I look over at the swirly designed wall clock and it read ten fifty-five, "Than we better get ready." 

After that, I got up and got to the bathroom, hearing him groan like a child who doesn't want to do something their parents want them to. I took a quick shower, kind of paranoid wondering if Ace would walk in any minute, but not today.

I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a small towel. When I exited the bathroom, I found Ace waiting outside the bathroom, leaning against the wall looking as if he was thinking.

"I'm done," I announced and he shot his head to my direction and smiled, eying me up and down.

I blush and quickly make my way towards the closet, feeling his eyes follow me until I got in the closet. 


I gasp at the site of what was in front of me. The biggest house I've seen in my entire life. The building itself was like a palace fit for a whole royal family. This is where the Daniels lived. 

The mile long drive way up to the house was guarded by a big black gate. Bushes aligned each side of the driveway making it look more refreshing. A huge fountain stood in front of the house with a cupid-like figure stood in the middle. Pillars held up a roof attached to the house. With two large white doors. More plants had decorated the outside, along with a royal blue carpet leading to the doors.

"I can't believe you live here," I gawked, as Ace had opened my door for me.

"Well, my parents," He rephrased my comment with the raise of an eyebrow.

"R-right," I remembered.

Then a man in a black suit with a high and mighty stance came out of the house. He must be a butler.

"Young Master Daniels and Miss Caldwell, Welcome home," The man said, with an old English accent.

I scoff under my breathe as him being another person to say "Young Master Daniels".

"Thanks, Charles," Ace said bluntly, as if he didn't care for his kindness or service.

I elbow him and Charles looked startled when I did that. I guess Ace had tortured his servants when he lived here. 

Ha! I could totally imagine that.

Charles led us into the foyer, where yet again I gawked and Ace gives out a low chuckle. The foyer was like the hotel but more of a homey feeling and no desk lady.

We head into a corridor that looked as if it would never end, but stop at two huge wooden doors. Charles opened the door for us and reveals to be a dining room.

"Abi!" A small voice calls me, and the only person who calls me that is my little sister, Jazzi.



"Abi!" A small girl probably the age of Giselle came running towards Elle and she picked her up.

She looked like a really young version of Elle and knew instantly that she must be Elle's little sister.

"Acey!" Another small voice called me.

"Elle!" I smiled, picking my little sister up.

"What?" Abrielle questioned, thinking that I called her.

"Abrielle meet my little sister Giselle, I also call her Elle and Giselle this is Abrielle," I explained, as Giselle shyly hid her face against my neck.

"Me and Giselle are fweinds!" The little girl giggled in the utmost adorable way.

"Oh really? Well this is Ace and Ace this is Jazzy," Abrielle smiled.

"In other words, I'm your sisters fiancee," I smiled to a surprised Jazzy.

Abrielle looks over to see her parents seated right across from my parents. They looked at her with shock and she just ran to them with Jazzy. They wrapped their arms around her and making it look like a big family reunion. She's probably missed them to death.

"Look at you, you've changed," Her mom touched her cheek gently as she took Jazzy in her arms.

"No I haven't," She disagreed, but I knew she has changed but in a good way.

"She's absolutely a stunning young women," my mother said aloud.

"I'm a lucky guy to have her," I now stood beside her, my arm wrapping around her waist and her parents eyes followed my move.

"You better treat her right then," Mr. Caldwell acted like a tough protective dad, which I could tell Elle rolled her eyes at and I knew he meant it.

I was scared now considering if I hurt their daughter, I'd be the one to die.

"Oh be quiet," Mrs. Caldwell motioned Mr. Caldwell to sit back down and he obeyed.

Our family sat across from Abrielle's.

The air in the room tensed up and I could now tell that they had something important to tell. Abrielle looked at me with a what-the-hell-is-going-on look. I just silently shrugged and we both waited for someone to speak up.

"Well, we think that we need to," Father paused, looking at both Abrielle and I, "Have you two get married faster."

Before we could say anything, Mother jumped in, "We know this is a last minute, but Abrielle, Ace, you two are getting married in 3 days."

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