A Year with Mr. Arrogant 4

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 I was still shocked at what Ace had said. What did he mean he'll give me a husband? He's not going to play along is he? I mean all I want to do is play with him a little, make him miserable for the way he rudely treated me. What kind of guy straight out tells a girl they wouldn't want to be seen with them? Obviously Ace.

 Hopefully he's not there tomorrow when I go over to his house.


Jade, my nick name for Jadine, looked at me as if she was ready to eat me alive. With one hand she held a cordless pink curling iron and a facial mask pack on the other.

 "What are you doing with those?" I questioned, trying to lean further back into the couch as she inched nearer me.

 "Were going to have a little make over," she smiled wickedly.

 "Noooo!!!" I screamed.

 "Stop struggling or I'll burn you to death!" She managed to change personalities. That was one thing that was scary about her. She had an evil attitude underneath all that sweetness.

I stayed put knowing I couldn't win, but a little make over wouldn't hurt. I use to do these with my old friends all the time when we had sleepovers. While Jade did my hair, I kept the mask on my face, at least this was relaxing, it felt like an actual salon.


"Finished!" Jade squealed, excited at the fact she spent three hours working on me. Sheesh, a little make over? More like complete make over hell.

She did my hair, my make up, even redid my eyebrows, and dressed me up completely like a doll. Did I mention she made me try on so many dresses? If she took this much time, I better look like a Goddess. She placed her hands over my eyes and probably led me towards her mirror covered closet doors.

 "Ready, one, two, three!" Jade squealed once again.

 "Jeez will you st--," I stopped right at that, and stared at the girl looking back at me, with mouth wide open.

 "See, you look like a goddess," Jade giggled.

My dark brown hair were in loose curls, it looked as if I wasn't wearing any make up other than cherry pink lipstick but I knew she did put some on. My skin was radiating out a natural glow. I wore a fitted black satin mini dress, that really made my legs stand out; it had a sweetheart neckline and a moderate back that fell just below the shoulder blades, the top was styled to resemble a bandeau top, it fit snugly. The heels were amazingly cute; black glitter four inch pumps that gave the outfit more edge.

 "You're one hell of a makeover artist," I tried holding the tears back.

"Don't get too emotional, you'll ruin your make up," She smiled, holding her arms out for me to hug her.

I had to bend down a bit since I was four inches taller.

 "Now lets head down stairs, my mom wants to see how you look," she smiled, grabbing my hand, pulling me out her room door.

 "Wait, Ace isn't here is he?" I asked, refraining from going further.

 "No, I told you he's at soccer practice," She forcefully pulled me forward almost making me trip.

 I followed her all the way down and suddenly heard commotion as she led me towards the back court yard.

 Whats going on?

Once I stepped out on to the large patio platform familiar eyes laid upon me. I froze where I now stood, looking back at the hundreds of people that have made fun of me since day one at Harlock Academy. Even Cassidy was here, arms wrapped around Ace's arm. He gave me a mischievous grin.

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