A Year with Mr. Arrogant 17

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It was a pain sitting here in the lunch room watching as Cassidy laughed. Apparently Ace, shoved her away when she tried to kiss him in the hallway again. The fact that she can still laugh is astounding.

With a twinkle in her eye, she looked over at me as if she had won something. Ace still likes me, and I will get him back no matter what she thought. My belief in Ace would be stronger if she even tried to do something to him. 

I really didn't want to make that mistake again. I mean look where it got us?

Time to do what I always wanted to do to Cassidy. I grabbed my water bottle and got up.

"Where are you going?" Jade asked, still sitting down having her lunch. I just look over my shoulder and gave her a sly grin and she knew I was going to do something bad.

I wish Ace was here to watch what I was going to do, but he had soccer practice with his team. With the national championships coming up and all. There was even a home game today.

I got closer to Cassidy's table and gave her a fake sweet smile, which surprised her. She did not know what she was going to get. Her barbie army looked at me with the same expression. I stood across the table from Cassidy. Before she could say anything, I dumped my whole water bottle on her.

"What the hell!" She screamed, and it felt like all the windows in the lunch room would break. Everyone started to laugh and some even applauded.

I just smiled and walked out of the cafeteria as she shouted, I'm going to get you back.  Please give it a break Cassidy, you already ruined my wedding. My smile was as big as ever when I stepped into the empty hallway, but I knew what I had to do next.


"Let's have a seat over there," Jade pulled me, at the mid area of the stadium seats. 

Ace yelled at his team to do this and do that in a boss-like manner as I looked down at the field. When did he become all arrogant again?

"Here give me the sign," I asked Jade.

"Are you sure?" Jade raised an eyebrow, and I nodded, absolutely positive.

I wanted to get through to Ace. I wanted him to know that I still like him a lot. I mean making a sign for the guy you like will make him do better in a game and let him know you support him, right?

My heart pounded.

The whistle blew, noting that it was time to start the game. The boys did a little team spirit thing. Before Ace could get on the field, Jade helped me raise the big sign.

We both called his name as loud as we could and he whipped around quickly. I gave a good luck smile and the shock on his face was priceless, but he smiled back at me.

Ace Daniels smiled back at me. His smile simply lifted all the weight off my shoulders. We sat down and for the first time I squealed like a little fan girl with Jade.

The game went on and I was shocked at how amazing he was. The way he moved swiftly through the field was unbelievable. I mean I knew Ace was good, but he was unstoppable. in under a minute Ace had scored a goal. Jade and I screamed showing our sign. He looked over to me and winked.

When the second half was almost over rain had started to pour.

I didn't care though, I was two busy watching Ace. Two minutes were left on the clock and the game was a tie. Please, let them win. When it came down the the last minute, I couldn't help but scream out something.

"I believe in you Ace!" I shouted at the top of my lungs and a few other people started to chant out positive cheers.

The whistle had blown, but not because the game ended, but because Ace had scored the winning goal! Our school cheered with excitement and the other school groaned in frustration of knowing they lost.

I couldn't help but run down the flight of stairs and towards the field. Ace instantly headed for me after getting praises from his team mates. My only thought was to kiss and hug him. 

Once we reached each other I flung myself on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms tightly securing his neck.

"I'm sorry, I didn't listen to you," I continued to apologize as tears streamed down my cheeks. Good thing it was still raining hard. 

Ace held me tighter and I released my legs around him. I looked up into his dazzling blue eyes and our lips were together in a second. Does anyone see sparks? Even everyone's cheers got louder, with us practically making out on the field.

I didn't care.

I didn't want this moment to end but then suddenly Ace swung me behind me, as if to guard me. I was surprised, well actually no I wasn't surprised to see Cassidy throwing a hissy fit.



Cassidy started hitting me against my chest, screaming insanely about how she hates a tramp like Elle being with me. She was being childish.

"Do you hear yourself?!" I shouted at her, getting the attention of everyone in the stadium and Cassidy looked at me with narrowed eyes. Elle rubbed my back, trying to calm me down.

"You go around fucking other guys like my best friend and act like I'm your property?" I tried saying it in a hushed tone but I couldn't.

I heard Elle give out a little gasp.

During Elle and Justin's carnival date, I knew I couldn't leave them alone, so I went out and had to keep an eye on Elle. Knowing that Justin and Cassidy hooked up the night before. I wanted to see his reaction, when I was with Cassidy. I got the reaction I wanted from him too. I never should have told Justin he could take Elle out. However, that was before I realized my true feelings.

He is a player like how I use to be, but now all I want is Elle.

When Justin and Elle left the carnival that night, I dropped Cassidy off. Even though she literally begged for sex, I brushed her off feeling disgusted. I was a player at that time but she messed around with my best friend. After dropping her off I went to my favorite spot to think. I came to the conclusion of seeing where our relationship would go if I tried to make it work, and now no more games or lies.

"She's a tramp and a bitch, I'm way better than her! You and I together, we're rich, and I know we want each other. Why the hell would you go for a poor dirty gold digger?" Cassidy screeched. I was about to say something when Elle stepped in front of me.

She had bitch slapped some sense into Cassidy.

That's my girl. 

I smirked.

"You should think before you say something, because you'll end up taking it back later," Elle snarled, her tiny hands in a fist, "I'm sure you'll find a guy who'll love you," she softened up a little.

With one final scream, Cassidy pushed Elle into me and stomped off the field. Everyone started to cheer at our tv drama moment. Then, as I held her in my arms, she smiled as big as she could before pressing her sweet lips against mine.

Now I wished she'd stayed forever with me.

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