A Year with Mr. Arrogant 14

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My head was pounding as I found myself on the floor of my bedroom. What the hell did I do yesterday? I don't remember anything after several drinks. I look around my room and everything was normal, but then I spot a girl on my bed. With a gulp I walk over to the other side and relax when I see Elle's loving face. 

Just how did we get back here?

Not wanting to bother her sleep I went into the bathroom, realizing I reeked with alcohol. I took a shower, thinking about how the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner will go. I hope it doesn't overwhelm her, because everyone in my family will be there. I just hope my grandmother Theresa doesn't embarrass me.

As I was in the shower, the bathroom door slammed open and I could hear some choking. Turning of the shower and wrapping a towel on myself, I saw Elle hovering over the toilet, ready to puke.

"Are you alright?" I questioned, quickly wrapping a towel around me. She began to puke as I held up her hair and rubbed her back gently.

She must've drank a lot.

After she was down, Elle flushed the toilet, and I let go of her hair as she went to the sink, rinsing out her mouth, brushing her teeth.

"How much did you drink?" I asked, leaning against the sink beside her.

"I don't know," She muffled, still scrubbing the hell out of her teeth, as if she felt disgusted.

With a chuckle and a kiss on the cheek, I left her the bathroom to herself and got changed. When I was done, I heard the shower on and thought I should wait for her. A few minutes later the bathroom door opened and Elle peeked her head out, probably looking to see if I was around. 

"Looking for someone?" I questioned, from the sitting area.

"No," She shook her head, looking innocent, and quickly headed into the closet.

When she was down, she came out of the closet wearing a strapless white casual dress and matching, what do the people call it, wedges? In any case, she was beautiful, and she should really start modeling because those legs are something.

Elle cleared her throat, and my attention shot back to her crystal blue ayes.

"Ready?" I questioned, getting up from the couch.

She nodded with a cute smile that never failed to make me smile. She leaned against me, getting a hold of my arm. I enjoyed how she clutched my arm in a possessive manner. We went into the living room, but gasped at the sight we saw. Our bridesmaids and my groomsmen were all laying around. The only two I noticed gone was Justin and Jadine. 

Elle let go of my arm and walked over to a red headed girl that was near to us. She laid on the ground peacefully sleeping as if the hardwood floor was her own bed. While Elle helped her friends, I quickly woke up my friends; Ryan, Tyler, Hector, Landon, and Michael.

It was probably the headache that caused everyone to grumble in frustration.

With his forearm covering his eyes, Tyler asked groggily, "What's going on?"

"All of you guys fell asleep in the living room?" Elle asked, helping a platinum blond haired girl sit up on the couch.

These were Elle's friends? I thought she would have different type of friends. Being a scholarship student and all, she became someone people picked on because of her financial status. After saying goodbye to our friends, they left after we called some drivers.

 "I wonder who brought us home," Elle said, pressing buttons on her phone and placed it against her ear, "Hey, where are you?" she asked the person on the other line.

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