A Year with Mr. Arrogant 19

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It was finally Saturday and I was doing last minute preparations for the barbecue, while Ace set up the backyard. We loved living near the lake. It made the atmosphere more exciting. As I was dumping potato chips into a large bowl, the door bell resonated it's chime.

"I'll get it," one of the new housekeepers, Maria, said, dropping a barbecue skewer, rushing to the door.

"Acey!" the sound of Ace's little sister, Giselle, beamed, her tiny voice echoing throughout the house.

I finished up and walked into the living room to see Ace's family.

"It looks way better than the last time I was here," Jade chuckled under her breathe, and I remembered all the bridesmaids and groomsmen laying in random places of the living room.

"Elle!" Giselle approached me with a quick spring in her step and jumped into my arms.

"How are you?" I smiled at her adorable cheerful face. 

"Good!" she smiled, and unexpectedly gave me a kiss on the cheek, giggling.

"Elle!" Ace's charming voice spread through the house.

"In the living room," I called, and the sound of chuckling came from Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.

I gave them a puzzled look and they just kept chuckling to their selves. Alright then. Ace came into the living room and Giselle instantly crawled out of my arms and jumped into Ace's arms. Seeing Ace with Giselle always gets me.

"Is there anything I could help with, sweetie?" Mrs. Daniels questioned, flattening down her skirt.

"Actually yes, we just need to set the food in the back," I answered, and she followed me to the kitchen.

"Are you two getting along?" Mrs. Daniels asked.

I felt my face flush and gave a nod, "We're great. I really like him."

"That's wonderful to hear dear. I don't have to worry because he has you," Mrs. Daniels smiled at me in the warmest way. She reminisced back on how early her and Mr. Daniel's married young at the age of eighteen.

I didn't even have to go through that one year period and Ace and I have grown so close. Thinking about it, our relationship went through many obstacles. It was worth it.


Everyone was here now; Ace's family and friends, and my family and friends. Most of them I've met already like Ace's grandparents, Hector and Sally, Grandma Theresa, his female cousins and flirtatious male cousins.

"Since you both aren't likely to get married, I'll be waiting for you!" Ace's cousin Gloria radiated her love for Ace. 

I started to choke on my drink, coughing and laughing at the same time. Ace patted my back for me as he started to laugh along. When it subsided, Gloria looked dumbfounded not knowing what she was saying because of her young age. As if I'd ever let that happen, kids these days don't know what they are saying most of the time.

"Damn, we really have no chance," Michael, a second cousin sighed, standing by his brothers Jake and Don.

"In your dreams," Ace arched his eyebrows at him, and I could feel his arm tighten around my waist.

"Yes, in my dreams," Michael said with a perverted grin. Ace gave a playful punch on Micheal's arm.


Suddenly the feeling of cold water contacted my back, soaking through my tank top. I turn around and all the small kids were squirting water at me.

"You guys better run!" I shouted in a playful way, running after them as they screamed.

I grabbed my sister, Jazzy and gave her a big sloppy kiss on the cheek. She laughed her adorable little girl laugh.

"You're going to go swimming with me," I smiled mischievously.

"Nooooooo!" Jazzy screamed in between laughs.

I took off my tank top revealing my solid purple bikini top and left my denim shorts on. I walked into the shallow part of the lake where small, smooth cobble stones laid. I set Jazzy down in front of me and towered over her tiny figure. She splashed water at me.

To her dismay she fell on her bottom. She was about to cry when all the other kids started to join in. They seriously had fun splashing only me. I spattered back the water, but the felling of strong arms wrapped around me, picking me up bridal style.

"What are you doing?" I looked at Ace's devious smile. 

He started to move up to the pier and I knew he was going to drop me into the deep end of the lake. I saw my friends; Mackenzie, Arin, Jamie, Scarlett, Candace, and Jade.

"Help?!" I exclaimed but they all just laughed and Ace continued.

"You're going swimming," Ace gave out a low chuckle and got ready to throw me in but I held on tightly.

"Only if you go with me," I told him, giving him a pout and puppy dog eyes.

"I'm not falling for it," He said, trying to extract my arms off him, but to our surprise we both fell back, and the water engulfed us.

Rising to the surface, I saw Jade grinning back at us.

"That wasn't suppose to happen" Ace said, but I just laughed.

Screams erupted and all of our friends jumped into the water. It was a blast from then on. I enjoyed moments like these with our friends.


"Here's to Ace and Abrielle. We couldn't get to the wedding but maybe there will be one in the future," Mr. Daniels, held up his wine cup, as we all sat at different tables on the large wooden deck.

I blushed, thinking about actually getting married to Ace. Everyone clapped and dinner started. 

"Would we still be the brides maids?" Candace questioned, taking a sip of her water.

"Sure," I  said, feeling flustered just by talking about having a real wedding.

"She's blushing!" Arin awed, making everyone around us laugh.

"Shut up!" I pushed her slightly, my face was probably tomato red now.

Everyone enjoyed the rest of the evening. It really gave the atmosphere a family feeling. It meant so much to me that Ace's family included me as one of their own. 

I could tell the future was going to be easy from now with these loving people around me.

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