A Year with Mr. Arrogant 8

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My phone vibrating, indicating that I had a new text message. I picked it up and saw that it was Justin. A smile formed on my face and I kept reading the text over.

Justin: hey beautiful, I can't wait for this date, pick you up at 7

Me: can't wait

 "What are you smiling at?" Ace came into the living room where I sat.

"Nothing," I answered and looked up, "Where are you going?"

 Ace wore a navy blue varsity jacket (which was the color of our school), a grey t-shirt, loose dark wash skinny pants, and white sneakers. I could smell his woodsy scent, and I have to say the smell was addicting.

"A date," He answered, picking up the car keys from the key hanger.

" Have fun," I rolled my eyes, as he opened the front door.

 "Oh I will," He shouted back and not long after his car started up and it slowly faded away.

I knew he was just messing with me earlier at the field. He didn't care, he was just acting like a husband, emphasize on the acting. Yet, he sounded so serious.

 Ugh, don't forget, you're the one who suppose to be taming him!

I headed into the bathroom to take a shower thinking who Ace would go on a date with. I thought it was funny how me and Jade couldn't resist laughing at her after Ace had gone back to practice. Her face was priceless.

 After showering I headed into the closet and searched through of what seemed like ages. I found the perfect outfit after. I look into the body length mirror and I couldn't help but be satisfied with my look.

I didn't have to wait much longer and Justin arrived looking amazingly handsome at my door step. This boy was like a runway model!

 "You look amazing," He smiled, looking me up and down but in a respectful way.

"Thanks you too," I smiled, closing the door behind me and locking it.

"After you my lady," He smiled, opening the passenger seat for me.

 "Why thank you," I chuckled as he did the same.


 "So, why did you all of a sudden want to go out with a girl like me?" I questioned, looking out the window as he drove. 

" A girl like you?" He asked, and I looked at him with confusion.

 "Yeah, aren't you the kind of guy that would go for someone more beautiful?" I asked.

He gave me a low chuckle running his hair through his short blond hair and quickly glanced at me with his soft blue eyes that glistened lighter each time we passed a street light.

 "I haven't dated for some time just to let you know, and after seeing you at the party when Ace announced your engagement, I couldn't help but stare at you," He smiled.

"Oh," I mumbled, looking down at my hands that rested on my lap, blushing like an idiot.

 "And I know that your engagement is only temporary," He said after a few seconds of silence.

I shot my head up and looked at him, "How do you know?" 

"Ace told me were best friends, you know that right?" He raised an eyebrow.

 "Yeah and what else did he tell you?" I looked at him with eagerness.

"He told me I could take you out anytime I wanted," He said.

 " Oh, really? than I'm okay with it too," I smiled but frowned internally.


 "Wow a carnival" I said, looking up at the bright and colorful lights of the multiple rides.

"Yeah, I thought maybe you should have some fun?" He shrugged, cutting the engine off.

 "And what makes you think I don't," I turned my head towards him, our eyes connecting.

"Seeing you around Ace, I could tell you seem down?" He finally admitted.

 "Then you're good at guessing," I chuckled, and got out of the car and he followed.

We came to each others side and I looked at him as he did the same. Then without a word but a cute smile, he intertwined his hand with mine. His hand didn't have the same feeling as I had with Ace. 

Heading towards the ticket booth, I see something that terrified me since I was a kid.

Yes, it was a clown. Ever since I watched Stephan Kings " IT" I had nightmares of clowns. I don't know how I ended up watching the movie but it freaked the hell out of me.

"Are you okay?" Justin chuckled, and I noticed I held on to him as if I was afraid of falling. Without a word his eyes trailed to where I was looking.

"Oh, so someones afraid of little clowns?" Justin teased, letting me hide my face against his shoulder as we continued walking.

God, I feel like such a kid!

I could hear Justin conversing with the clown as his hand gently caressed my arm. He knew how to calm a girl down, unlike someone I knew. We started to move again and I look up to see more clowns.

"Did you have to bring me to a place full of clowns?" My eyes went wide, looking at the clowns that handed out balloons or rode on their unicycles.

"At least you get to hold on to this guy," He pointed at himself and to the way I was holding on to him.

I sighed not pulling away; I know at my age I shouldn't be acting like a five year old but every clown I look at, it looks like IT.

 "So, how about I win you something?" Justin asked, and looked over at a basket ball shooting game.

"Sure," I smiled.

We walked over to the stand and a man in uniform stood smiling.

 "Ready to win something for the special lady?" The man asked.

Justin simply nodded.

"The rules are simple, just get these five basketballs into the hoop, and you can get anything from the top row," The man said.

Faster than you can say holy cow, Justin made the net make swishing noises as the basketballs went in.

 "Wow," I looked up at his accomplished smiling face.

"So what would you like?" He asked, and I started to look around, and spotted the perfect bear.

 "The bear with the pink ribbon," I smiled, and he nodded.

When the man brought it down, it had a cute heart necklace around the neck of the bear. 

 "A bonus," Justin smiled, "May I?"

I smiled, answering with a nod.

He took the necklace off of the bear and I parted my hair so he could put the necklace on me. He smiled at me as he took a good look.

 "Ace?" Justin suddenly said, looking past me.

I was afraid to turn around, to see who he was with, but why should I care? I was here with Justin. So I turned around just to see a pair of light blue eyes stare back at me.

 Cassidy Richards.

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