A Year with Mr. Arrogant 18

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Ace held my hand firmly as we laughed together walking down the hall of our school. Everything was back to normal; I moved back with Ace and it's going to stay like that for awhile. Our wedding wasn't going to proceed because I've already finished my job. I was perfectly content with dating him.

So, instead of getting married, Ace asked me to be his girlfriend the old fashioned way. It was honestly sweet because even an arrogant guy like himself could stammer while asking a girl out. He had a sweet side, because he gave me flowers afterwards.

It's been a couple weeks and modeling is going great for me. I'm so popular, I'm even getting autographs even when I go somewhere general. I had people that didn't support me, like Ace's fan club.

"So, how about a barbecue at home? This week Saturday to make up it up to our guest?" Ace questioned, as I leaned against the wall and he trapped me with his arms.

"That sounds good," I smiled, taking in his woodsy scent that aviated around us.

I wrapped my arms around him and his arms tightly secured around my waist. We stayed like this a lot lately, and I loved it. I could relive moments like these everyday just so he wouldn't vanish out of my sight.

Suddenly someone cleared their voice and we slightly pulled apart to see who it was. I smiled as Jade glared at us in a sarcastic way.

"You know I felt like I was excited for you to actually get married, but now that I think about it, this is just all too mushy," Jade continued her glare.

"You want the love too?" I questioned, slipping out of Ace to give Jade a big hug, but she struggled to get out of my hold.

I pulled away, and gave her a sweet smile but she just rolled her eyes.

"You know what just go back to whatever you were doing," Jade chuckled and walked away, leaving us.

"Where were we?" Ace asked but to our dismay the bell rang.


Lunch was kind of awkward because now that Jade and I sit with Ace and his friends. Justin wouldn't stop staring at me. I silently nibbled on a piece of chocolate, trying to ignore the pair of eyes on me. 

"What's up with Justin?" Jade asked low enough for only me to hear.

I shrugged my shoulders, keeping my eyes on the edge of the lunch table. He's been like this since the day Ace and I made up. I was even surprised when Ace told me the truth about Justin's player history.

The feeling of warm lips brushed against my cheek and I look up to see Ace smiling at me. My face flushed from his sudden public display of affection in front of his friends but I didn't hide it. I was use to it by now.

"When are you two getting married?" Ace's friend, Gavin teased, taking a big bite of his sandwich.

"That's going to have to wait," Ace casually answered, and we both knew it was the truth.

Being boyfriend and girlfriend was what we wanted for now. However, I knew Ace would be the one I would end up marrying. Our relationship is a bit cliche, but isn't that every persons dream? Maybe.


School was over and I waited as Ace finished soccer practice. I was excited because I'd be going to Tennessee with Ace because our soccer team is going to Nationals. Too bad I won't be able to see him as much because he has to train a lot. 

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