A Year with Mr. Arrogant 11

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"What?" I asked, a little louder than I anticipated.

"Abrielle!" Mom shushed me.

I mean I knew the wedding was in 2 weeks but changing it to 3 days, that was impossible. I've seen my aunts weddings and they didn't go well even though it was planned ahead of time. I didn't even have my dress yet, so how are we suppose to plan the whole thing.

"Don't worry sweetheart, we have everything set up," Mrs. Daniels smiled, my nerves decreasing a bit, "You'll be able to pick out your dress today, tomorrow you can have your bachelorette and bridal shower." 

"As Ace has his bachelor party," Mr. Daniels smiles at Ace.

"The next day we'll have the wedding rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner," Mrs. Daniels continues, "And we'll be set by Saturday."

They really had this planned out, but I've always thought that I could plan and choose what I wanted for my wedding. Then again this wasn't a "real" wedding.

"You'll be able to pick out your decoration after getting a wedding dress," Mom smiled, patting my back.

This felt real. It was like a real wedding that would be happening, even if Ace didn't like or love me, it still felt real to me. I didn't even know how I could think that.

Then the dining room doors flung open and Jade walks in. Oh my God, I felt like I haven't seen her in ages, since I've been stuck in that house for eternity. She gave me an excited wave and took a seat next to Giselle.

"How was the venues?" Mrs. Daniels questioned.

" hey are amazing, you're going to love them Elle!" Jade squealed.

"Venues?" I question, raising an eyebrow at Jade.

"Yeah, but you'll find out later," Jade responded.

"Don't you guys think that since Elle and I are getting married that we should be able to plan our wedding?" Ace narrowed his eyes at his mom.

That kind of surprised all of us, considering he's the person other than myself that didn't want the wedding to happen.

"He's kind of right," I mumbled under my breathe, but only Ace had caught what I said.

"What was that dear?" Mrs. Daniels questioned.

"She said I was right," Ace spoke before I could.

"Well, why don't you guys trust us and sure enough you'll be able to check out everything later, but right now you two should be shopping," Mrs. Daniels said.

I do trust them but I don't want this process to be stressful. On the other hand, when I was younger, I told my mom that I wanted my wedding to be on the beach and such. I wonder now, is the wedding going to be on the beach?


I waited as Ace got off the phone with whoever the it was. The meeting we had with both our families was finally over. They've been planning this whole wedding without us, behind our backs. There was no arguing with Ace, because he was right about choosing and deciding things for our wedding as a couple.

"Ready?" Ace asked, feeling his body against my back, whispering in my ear that sent shocks down my body.

How does he do that?

"Y-Yeah," I stuttered and marched towards the car, opening it on my own.

He got to the drivers seat and smirked before driving out onto the road. He looked serious, again enough for me to think that he really wanted to marry me. I seriously wish I could could read minds, that way everything would be better, and I mean everything.

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