A Year with Mr. Arrogant 9

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The expression on Elle's face was hurt. Why should I care? She was on a date with my best friend Justin, even though I told him he could ask her out. So, I guess she doesn't like me at all, even after I saved her from Cassidy going crazy.

Its not that I like Cassidy because she's annoying as hell and possessive. I just wanted to she Elle's reaction and right now I could tell jealousy spread across her face.

"I didn't know you'd be here," Justin said.

"Same here," I said, bluntly but they didn't notice.

"Look what Ace bought me," Cassidy chirped and laughed with that high pitched voice of hers, showing off the fake diamond ring I bought her. She was dumb enough to believe it was real.

I cringed wanting to escape, but I couldn't.

I wanted Elle to be jealous.


I was hurt. Deeply hurt to see him with Cassidy. Out of all girls he had to pick her?! Just after he kindly showed me his caring side too!

Jerk. Idiot. Asshole. Mother trucker. I could go on all night.

They were now following us or as Justin said double date. Right now, I couldn't help but want to rip her hands out of his hand as she cooed disgusting lines at him. I swear she was purposely saying things aloud just for me to hear.

"Hey, are you alright? You haven't said anything," Justin asked with worry spreading across his features.

I nod," Yeah, I'm kind of hungry."

Which I was and honestly I eat when I'm upset.

Justin laughed and looked over his shoulders, "Ace, why don't we get the ladies some food?"

"Yeah sure," Ace simply said, in his laid back tone.

Great, leave me alone with the crazy girl.Once they left Cassidy attacked me with her words.

"I just knew it was an act...he even told me it was because publicity. He had to act like that," she started, adding a scoff and laugh.

Ouch, honestly those words hurt, cause I know they were true.

That's when I decided to give up on being hurt and enjoy the date with Justin. The guy who isn't acting. You know what, maybe I should just continue a relationship with Justin. It surely does sound good.

The boys came back a minute later and we went and sat down at a bench. Cassidy mumbled something that had to do with how the benches were disgusting.

Justin gave me a piece of pizza and soda, and had himself a hot dog and soda.

"Eww, I am not eating that!" Cassidy scowled at the hot dog that was set in front of her.

"It's a carnival. There's not going to be a high class restaurant around here," Ace rolled his eyes.

I was surprised to hear that since I've always thought that Ace was the kind of guy to go to high class restaurants and wear fancy suits.

Hmm, so he shows another side of him?

I sat silent enjoying my pizza, and looking around to see little kids pull there mom and dads yelling out about how they want to go on multiple rides. It was cute seeing that, I use to be that excited when I was that young.

"Elle," Justin chuckled, picking up his napkin and bringing it to my lips.

I couldn't help but blush feeling embarrassed, "Oh, t-thanks."

I glanced over at Ace who seemed to have looked away in a pissed off mood.

Good, you deserve it.


The rest of the date went well; we went on the Ferris wheel, and Cassidy totally ruined the peaceful mood by screaming her ass off about how high we were up. it would've been funnier if she puked all over Ace, but that didn't happen like I wished.

Again, Ace had to choose Cassidy out of all the girls!

The four of us got to the parking lot saying our good byes, well at least Justin did. 

Justin drove me home in silence, but I wish he would've said something. Maybe he got the wrong idea, because of my expression?

"So, do I get another date?" Justin sweetly asked as we got to the door step.

"Hmm, I could fit you in," I smiled, and gave him a hug, but you could tell the hunger in his eyes for more.

I had a great time with him, but its just too soon if he was asking for a kiss. So I headed in the house before he could say anything.

Feeling exhausted I headed into the bedroom, scowling at the bed knowing I shared it with Ace. Angrily, I kicked the bed but only back fired on me. With a loud groan I threw myself on the bed holding my foot. As the pain subsided I took my shoes off and my clothes down to a tank top and underwear. 

I don't really care what Ace thinks, its my house too now. With a yawn and stretch I pulled the covers over me and laid down to think about everything that had happened.

Stupid Ace. Stupid Ace. Stupid Ace. I kept repeating.


A loud bang of a door woke me from my sleep. Groggily, I quickly sat up in bed rubbing my eyes. A shadowy figure had made its way to the other side of the bed. Only the moonlight showing a glimpse of the persons face.


The time read almost one in the morning; which quickly gave me the thought of him out with Cassidy all night. He doesn't even like the chick yet he puts up with her.

Oh, Hell yeah I can notice.

"Where were you?" I couldn't help but ask and realized maybe I shouldn't have.

"Why do you care?" He snapped, taking his clothes off down to his boxers.

I pulled my knees up against my chest and waited for him to keep talking, but instead he stayed silent.

"D-did you really mean what y-you said at school?" I questioned stuttering like an idiot, wanting to know the answer, resting my head on my knees, looking side ways at him.

He mumbled something that sounded like a yes, which shocked me. Why would he go off on a date with Cassidy than?

"Why would you go off on a date with with Cassidy?" I asked.

"You really want to know?" He questioned, standing up and slowly making his way over to my side.

I held my breathe. The gleam in his eyes were serious, and hopefully I could believe him after what he tells me. Ace sat down making the mattress shift a bit, and looked into my eyes.

"After practice Justin told me that you had a date with him," his face got closer, and I was too focused on his answer to back away," I couldn't help but want to make you feel jealous."

I mentally gasp in my head, and took in a deep breathe, as his lips nearly brushed against mine.

"So, you were jealous?" I couldn't help but ask another question.

He stayed silent for almost a minute but answered almost in a whisper," Yes."

Right there, Ace brushed his lips against mine before gently pressing his lips to mine. This is the second kiss we have shared.  Surprisingly I kissed back, relaxing my legs and arms. 

But the only thing that I couldn't relax was, my heart.

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