A Year with Mr. Arrogant 20

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"My baby is going to graduate!" Mom pulled me against her chest, giving me a huge bear hug. I was about to die of lack of oxygen.

"Mom," I tried pulling away, and she finally let go once she saw me struggling.

"Sorry, honey. Do you have your speech memorized?" she questioned, her hands resting on my shoulders. I gave a nod with a smile. I was the valedictorian this year and I had to give a speech in front of everyone. I passed Ace's GPA by a quarter, other wise he would've made the speech.

"Make sure you don't trip up the stairs," Dad teased, rocking a sleeping Jazzy in his arms.

"Thanks Dad," I said, adding that sarcastic tone in my voice. What if I did embarrass myself going up the steps?

An arm wrapped around my waist and Ace appeared by my side. He looked absolutely cute in his blue graduation gown and cap. His family followed and we started a conversation.


I sat onstage with a few staff members, student council president, and the superintendent as Mr. Fetcher, our principal stood at the podium.

"Please welcome our twenty-eleven valedictorian, Abrielle Caldwell," Mr. Fetcher announced to the now applauding audience and school mates.

I walk up to the podium, directing my eyes around the large gym, full of people. I gulp, fighting back my fear of speaking in front of people. I shouldn't be fearful in front of these people, other than them picking on me in the beginning of the school year. It amazes me that exactly nine months had passed.

I saw him smiling at me in the front row. Brightest smile of them all. My parents raised their thumbs up while spreading their lips to a full smile, as dad held up his camera.

"Thank you, Mr. Fetcher for letting me speak today and thanks for the class of twenty-eleven for not protesting, seriously," I started the speech adding a little humor as everyone chuckled, "I really sat for hours yesterday trying to figure out what to say to you all drifting in and out of consciousness, like that guy," I pointed to a guy half asleep and everyone laughs louder, "but there are many possibilities. So, I guess from now on we will be acquainted with our adult selves starting today, let me reassure you that even I know it's not easy," I took a breath making eye contact with everyone and landing them on Ace,  "We might not remember all of the faces here today, but who knows you might get married to someone who went to this school."

My speech went on, and everyone started cheering and clapping. It was a good feeling actually. Everyone got their diplomas, and for the finale the air filled with blue caps. 

Ace wrapped his arms just under my bottom and spun me around as I laughed, then set me back down.

"So, what are you going to do from now on?" Ace asked.

I roll my eyes, but it was a good question, because I was thinking of continuing my modeling career. It's still something new and it means I don't have to struggle much in life.

"I'm going to be by your side," I smiled, wrapping my arms around him and giving him a kiss.


The air filled with a cool summer breeze. I could see the water shimmering off an unusual glow as it slowly ripples around the yacht. We were having our graduation party on Ace's family yacht.

I took another gulp of a fancy beer I had in my hand. Deeply thinking about my life from now on.

"Don't drink too much, you don't want to get drunk," Ace came to my side, leaning against the rail.

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