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You half smiled, today was THE day. You would offically become Slender's. You were nervous, questions like

What if this was all a joke?
Does he really love me?
What if he doesn't show up

flooded through your mind as your Maid Of Honor helped you with your makeup and dress,

"What... what if he doesn't show..?" You asked looking down,

"Don't worry about it! Slender's a nice guy and wouldn't do that." She/He smiled as he did your makeup,

"Yeah. That's what they said to Nyght, and look what happened..." You sighed a bit looking down.

"Yeah? Well he actually likes you." She/he chuckled a bit. You half smiled and finished getting ready.

*While After*

You smiled, still a bit nervous as Trendormen walked you down the aisle, you smiled once you saw Slender..because there was still the small bit of doubt in your mind that he wouldn't show. He smiled looking at you....in his.. Well eyes I guess, you were stunning. Your _____ hair was nice and done up/hanging loosely along your shoulders...your naturally beautiful face basically beaming..everything was perfect to him. You smiled as you stood at the alter, the ceremonial man, giving his intro, about how you and Slenderman would become husband and wife. When he asked if anyone opposed, everyone stayed quiet besides Sully,

"WHAT DOES OPPOSE MEAN?!" He yelled out and everyone snickered as the ceremonial man explained


You laughed a bit..as Slenderman then said,

"There should not be annoying opposing.. Since they know what will happen if they do." He said but was basically glaring at L.J. You chuckled a bit as both of you said your vows.. The ceremony man finally announcing

"You may kiss the bride."

You and Slenderman kissed..one of the best kisses you've ever had. Oh we're finally his

"TIME TO GET DRUNK!" Sully yelled..ruining the moment.

~~Jeff The Killer~~

Today was the day... You would become Mrs. Killer.(Going by his cp name not his like Jeffery Woods or whatever).. You looked in the mirror and smiled.. Your nice blood red dressed sparkled a bit n the light.. Honestly.. You weren't having much doubts... Since Jeff had been loyal..for the most part. You somehow had erased the memory of the breakup from your mind...And only remember some parts, and getting back together. You smiled as you got your ____ hair done..along with dark makeup to kind of give the "Mrs. Woods" vibe. You looked in the mirror again, seeing everything complete. Smiling to yourself you heard the wedding bells soon ringing... Indicating it was time. Slenderman pleasantly walked you down the aisle..since he was the most of a father you had at the moment.

You walked down the aisle, Sally being the flower girl as she splashed the blood down the walkway. You looked at Jeff who had tears rolling down his cheeks...since it's not like he can just..blink them away. You stood at the aisle..holding his pale, leathery hands lightly.

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